Feb 9, 2014

Greenhouse Effect Options

We all know that energy from the sun is necessary for sustaining life on earth. The outer atmosphere deflects approximately 30 per cent of the sunlight that comes to the land and this light is then scattered back in space. Remaining sunlight reaches the earth’s surface and gets reflected upwards in the shape of slow moving energy known as infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases absorb the heat caused by the infrared radiation like CO2, methane, ozone, and water vapor, due to which it is difficult for the gases to escape the atmosphere.

According to experts, only one percent of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of greenhouse gases and these gases regulate the climate through heat trapping. This is known as the �greenhouse gas effect’. According to climate change experts, without the greenhouse gas effect, the average earth temperature will be colder by 30 degrees Celsius. This temperature will be too cold for the sustenance of our ecosystem. Therefore, the greenhouse effect is very much needed for the earth; however it needs to be in a controlled manner.

How Can This Be?

There is no question that the greenhouse effects is necessary for the ecosystem but it becomes a problem when the natural process gets distorted and accelerated by human activities and more greenhouse gases are set up in the atmosphere which increase the temperature of the earth more than required. When we burn oil, coal, natural gas and gasoline the level of CO2 increases in the atmosphere. The level of harmful gases like nitric oxide and methane also increases due to farming methods and evolution of the use of land. Dangerous and long lasting industrial gases are produced from factories. These gases do not occur naturally yet they help to global warming and accelerate the greenhouse gas effect.

Can you believe it?

Manufacturing of goods also leads to an increase in the rate of greenhouse gases. Burning of coal and natural gas to run the factories have led to the dangerous rise of co2 and methane. This has a radical effect on the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. Since the chimneys are tall, the fumes get mixed to the air directly and are responsible for trapping more heat and increasing it.

Investigating More About Greenhouse Effect

The more greenhouse gases will be emitted in the environment, the more infrared radiation will be trapped and held. This in turn will enhance the temperature of earth in a gradual manner, posing threat to the very existence of mankind. Some scientists accept global warming as a serious problem while some don’t. But one certainly cannot deny the fact that climate change is here and it will cause more damage in the next years.

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