Mar 2, 2014

Greenhouse Effect Methods

With global warming still in the bow and still a big issue, full of people are still uninformed properly about it! A lot of places are getting warm, forcing quite a range of people to head off to the beach or fan themselves endlessly. Many are still on the assumption that greenhouse gases. These contribute to making the planet warm, should really go. What they don’t know is that the main purpose of those gases is to avoid heat from escaping into space, preventing the world from turning into one huge snowball! If they did n’t exist, we would n’t be able to live on this planet. This little article will talk to you about the most powerful greenhouse gases in the world. Some may even surprise you.

In the past few decades, people have led to the increase of the greenhouse effect. Industry, agriculture, and transportation, all participation in the additional amounts of the greenhouse gases being produced. These gases prevent the heat to escape into the universe, and reflect it again to the earth.

Water vapor – Yes. Water. Right on upper part of the list. Water vapor contributes from 36% to 66 per cent of the world’s greenhouse effect. It’s also the most abundant greenhouse gas! Concentrations of water vapor fluctuate throughout the world. Humans don’t affect it directly on a broad scale. In addition, warm air caused by the greenhouse effect can carry more water vapor, amplifying the greenhouse effect further. However, humidity is constant. The net effect is overall positive, and also protects against the extra carbon dioxide.

Facts, Tips and Tricks!

Carbon Dioxide – Ah, the gas that many people blame for heating up the earth. It contributes 9% to 26 per cent of the greenhouse effect depending on area. The world’s species and environmental cycles produce this gas naturally, up to twenty times that of what we contribute! Nature cycles the carbon dioxide through plants and weathering. However, human production has speeded it up more than nature can account for. Majority of manmade carbon dioxide comes from burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

Moving on.

Methane – This gas causes 4% to 9 per cent of greenhouse effect. Human methane production mostly comes from livestock. By itself, it is an effective greenhouse gas, but it can transforms to water and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which makes it quite effective in warming the earth! If that is n’t enough, it also turns into ozone, which is another greenhouse gas! This is why the number of methane around is has been more or less constant. It is why its effect is considered small since many who measure it don’t include what it turns into.

Crazy Things About Greenhouse Effect

Ozone – This gas we all know and love as guardian against the sun rays, too, is a greenhouse gas. It causes only 3% to 7 per cent of the greenhouse effect. Ozone causes irritation to the nervous system at ground level, but is usually very light at that level, choosing instead to concentrate higher up. However, the concentration of ozone at ground level is increasing, because of pollution! This is especially concentrated in populated areas. It decays quickly to normal oxygen.

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