May 17, 2012

Global Warming Threatens the King Penguin

The long-term survival of the king penguins in Antarctica is in danger. The reason? Global warming, rising water temperatures and the amount of prey that these penguins feed. This actually comes from a study of Hubert Curien, a Multidisciplinary Institute in France that is part of the French National Center for Scientific Research.

The species, second in size after the emperor penguins, have their habitat on the islands of the northern limits of the Antarctic. It is estimated that currently, there are around two million breeding pairs.

The food of these penguins are small fish and squid, which has begun to erode as a result of global warming. This is due to the high temperatures of the sea prevent these mammals inhabit the area.

The researchers suggest that every rise of 0.26 ° C in sea surface will lead to a 9% decrease in adult penguin population, which places the species at high risk. This is because the average temperature increase expected for the next two decades is 0.2 ° C.

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