Sep 27, 2013

Global warming, hold your horses!

Global Warming is one of a major problem of today’s world. There are many causes of global warming like, Burning fuels from car and, coal. Gasoline and oil increases the level of Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which greatly results in Global warming. Everyone can help reduce global warming by adapting numbers of precautions and help bring advantages to the environment.

Reducing the waste greatly contributes in the reduction of global warming. Every person should adopt the use of reusable products instead of biodegradable products that may harm the environment. Recycling also helps reduce global warming, everyone should recycle plastic, paper, cans, and glass whenever its possible. It is reported by some sources that by recycling half of your household waste, you can save almost 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Less use of Heat and Air Conditioning can also help reduce global warming. Less and driving in a smart way also helps keeps 20 pound of carbon dioxide out of atmosphere. Use of less hot water can also help reduce global warming.

Moreover, planting a tree plays an important role in reducing Global warming because during photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. A single tree will absorb almost one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime which will reduce global warming.

However, sharing knowledge of something good is a great deed. We should also tell, and encourage others about recycling and energy conservation, and should also encourage public officials to make the programs and policies that are good and brings advantages to the environment.


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