May 8, 2012

Germany Promotes Wind Farms Offshore

Germany ‘s chancellor, Angela Merkel, will promote the construction of offshore wind farms and the expansion of the electricity distribution network in Germany within the framework of its policy of energy change, following the decision last year to abandon nuclear energy until 2022.

“We are currently preparing the legal framework for that goal,” Merkel said in the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper. Merkel also announced that the second major project of this policy is to expand the distribution network “for the north wind to come south”.

“We must work together to resolve some important issues about wind farms offshore,” said Merkel, who stresses that “the coming months will be crucial for the implementation of energy exchange”, which focuses on renewables. For its part, Liberal Philipp Rösler, wants to optimize the plan to accelerate the energy shift in Germany and consider “crucial companies to invest now”.

“I therefore propose to optimize the planning process for the expansion of electricity networks and build new power plants,” said Rössler. He also announced that the target will be at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition of the Social Democrats, Sigmar Gabriel, has accused the government of Merkel in failing on their project for the energy change. “Neither in the development of networks, building sanitation, or the promotion of renewables and energy efficiency have advanced a single step,” Gabriel said.

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