Mar 29, 2012

Frigate Island Giant Beetle (Polposipus herculeanus)

Did you know?

That beetles and mealworms Frigates Giants can reach an age of more than seven years in human care? The average age seems to be 3 to 4 years.

Adult beetles are 2-3 cm long, dark brown/black, with long legs and large round abdomen with fused elytra elevated and tubers. They have no external sexual dimorphism. These species has defensive glands produce a substance secreted by the back of the beetle, which has a musky odor and stains the skin purple/brown, but does not cause any irritation. 

The beetles produce oblong yellow eggs measuring 1.1 x 2.2 mm. They have seven larval stages, the largest reached the 4-5cm, followed by a pupal stage and then emerge as an adult. The larvae have a body sub-cylindrical, yellow sand. Urogomphis have two large, curved up in the posterior segment of the abdomen. These beetles are arboreal and nocturnal, spending daylight hours hidden in the crevices of the trees, dropping down to feed at night. They remain clustered in the crevices and under bark during the day and hide in the trees and nodes in the bottom of the horizontal branches where they meet.

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