Aug 5, 2013

Evolution and Climate

Evolution, the conqueror of the researches proposed by all anthropologists and historians has been seen to be due to a lot of consequences which has incorporated life into a completely different meaning.

Climate changes have played a major role in evolution since the very beginning. As Darwin had cited, it is undoubtedly a squabble between the organisms in order to prove who is the fittest among the rest. Evolution is a key eye-opener in these terms which co-relates many hazards and changes that may have occurred in order to prolong the survival of the fittest.

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Climate has been cited by a variety of researches and anthropologists as a ‘driver for human evolution’ (ClimateWire, Umair Irfan).  These climate changes, precisely ranging to a past few decades have been affecting the timed seasonal events of various animals and birds. Phenological existences have been indicative of the fact that climate variations have played a mighty heavy role in the facts mentioned above inclusive of the profound reason for many of these organisms to issue migration.

Nevertheless, it is the humans that one may be concerned about. According to these studies, one may be concerned regarding the migration and survival of human beings. There has been quite a debate about the reasons that may spur the minds of the present evolved individuals.

In the initial times, the skin colour and the lineage were lightly pigmented with proof in the region related of less consumption of UV radiations. However, in order to cope within the present situations, these Homo sapiens migrated to places with warmer and tougher thermoregulatory effects which led to darker pigmented skin (Branda & Eaton, 1978, Science201, 625–626; Jablonski, 1992, Proc. Australas. Soc. Hum. Biol.5, 455–462, 1999, Med. Hypotheses52, 581–582). There is also evidence as to why women have lighter skin as compared to men. The vitamin D as required by females during pregnancy and lactation for the development of their own as well as their foetus’s bones have caused their bodies to offer perseverance for it so that it can be used later on as mentioned before.

Throughout the years, there has been considerable degree of variations and shifts in temperature and weather. These changes may be minute and have proven to be progressive within time as recorded in the glacial periods. Particularly, many organisms have had habitual reasons for migrations. When climate of a particular area changes, it may cause the organism to migrate because of the dire consequences that would have been faced by it including loss of savannahs and herbaceous implanting which would have caused it to starve.


Climate has played many roles in the determination of evolution and in creating biodiversity among the multiple human races. There are many varieties in humans, those which keenly range from the inhabitants of the Antarctica to those living in barren deserts. Adaptation and evolution go hand in hand which is indicative of the fact that climate has had a profound effect on the lives of Homo sapiens as well as other living organisms.

Animals mainly choose their habitats according to climate. As they migrate, new changes have arisen in their phenology, allowing alterations in genetics to set in as well. Climate changes is a very thorough study which ranges from thousands of years ago to the time at present.

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