May 11, 2014

Environmental Activist Options

Ethics plays an ever enhancing role in our society today, and environmental principles and business principles have to be. This has become more prevalent in our society today, particularly after the Wall Street melt down a couple of years back, and people have been swindled far too commonly by unethical business practices. Those unethical business practices have likewise carried over into environmental ethics, and bad corporate habits have contributed to many of our present environmental issues, While Wall Street and earnings mongers regulate much of the business model, they must also include environmental ethics into their corporate methods. This also comes down to social obligations, because the bad impacts of environmental neglect by corporations causes a high degree of social issues emerging from negligent corporate environmental actions.

It has become essential for eco-friendly supporters consider a plan of action that requires a lot of people, however likewise guarantees incredible outcomes. Therefore, numerous of these green friendly activists have actually advanced an intensive green PR effort that serves to inform the public, change a couple of minds, and will hopefully encourage a number of businesses to do everything they can to decrease the effectiveness and attempt of their financial, social, and environmental policies.

I found that interesting.

In 2010 we experienced a wave of environmental disasters, some of which can be attributed to corporate environmental neglect. The BP Oil Spill and the Hungary Red Toxic Sludge Leak belonged to world headlines, to call a couple. Weather condition disasters have actually likewise continued to fill the headlines, and not simply for sensationalism, however, for the real devastation created by these occasions. Whether they are connected to climate change will never ever be figured out, as climate change deniers and climate change supporters, both will suggest the facts until they are dead. Points can be produced both sides, however the point we must concentrate on is that it is occurring, with no end in sight.

Continuing The Conversation

Both oil and coal are bad, not only for the environment, but for all living creatures, and they are both extremely hazardous in their natural raw state. They pollute the air and ground and water, and whether or not they are helping to create these natural disasters must be irrelevant. They are both limited, and will not last for life, and the quicker we free ourselves of the requirement for these two demons, the much better. While oil and coal companies continue to promote their products, and the very best yet is clean coal, which is an unethical definition of something that just isn’t possible, their principles come into problem, particularly environmental principles. Most of the worlds ills are derived from both of these, with oil spills, mining accidents, fires, and now climate change and worldwide warming.

With sound environmental principles integrated into business principles model, these issues would be resolved and would lead to a better social obligation of the companies that would follow this model. While profits remain king, I see ethical issues emerging from this model. Profits are very important, however, at exactly what cost? The cost for the contaminating, poisoning, and now climate change we are experiencing the need to far exceed business requires for a couple of corporations. As the environmental cataclysm’s mount, so will the costs, in both monetary and human numbers, which will be far surmounted any profits made by these monomaniacal companies.

Hopefully we can learn from our past errors and consider that environmental ethics need to be just as important, if not more important a role as business principles. Profits are all dandy and great, and when everyone is doing it, they usually don’t ask concerns about how it was made. I now think about the make money from coal and oil undertakings blood money, made at the cost and interruptions to hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, as much as and including their fatalities.

While everybody was more interested in the stock exchange surges of the ’90’s and other rise periods, we looked the other method when it came to business principles, and environmental ethics for that matter too. Now we have actually paid some of the cost for this absence of a moral compass, at least financially. Now we are starting to see the costs mount up for our absence of environmental principles combined with business principles, as death tolls and costs mount for the natural disasters we are currently experiencing. Even more people have died this year alone from natural, or, I would picture in this case, less than natural disasters than have died in the last 40 years from terrorist attacks.

This brings me to my point, we have to establish a strategy that all would adhere to that would require companies to include an environmental principles plan and include it with their business ethics model. Social obligation by corporations must not be frowned upon, and needs to become the foremost and the first concern of the business model for the future. I keep in mind an old stating, do what you like and the money will follow! I cannot envision any individual enjoying to injure, impair, eliminate, or damage their own house (Earth), next-door neighbors, both human and animal, and households for generations to come. Now that must be a crime! In truth, in April of 2010, UK Lawyer Polly Higgins recommended to the United Nations that ecocide be acknowledged as an international Crime Against Peace, along with Genocide, Crimes of Humanity, War Crimes, and Crimes of Aggression, trouble at the International Crime Court. So plans are in the works to handle these crimes, and criminal actions. Ecocide by the ways, according to Wikipedia, the new suggested meaning would be: ‘Ecocide: the extensive damage, damage to or loss of environment(s) of an offered territory, whether by human company or by other causes, to such a degree that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that area has actually been severely decreased.’ Patrick Hossay, a U.S. environmental activist and theorist indicates that we are dedicating ecocide with industrialized civilizations effects on the environment on an around the world scale.

In essence, the present business model doesn’t work anymore, not if we don’t want to destroy exactly what we call home, our planet Earth. We should re-prioritize our obligations, and put our houses and welfare initially, over greed and profits and the unrelenting need for things. We should not let the megalomaniacs dictate exactly what benefits us, what we require, and exactly what benefits the planet. We have to rein these folks in, and switch off the addicting, harmful habits we are presently taking part in and get a grip on our lifestyles and start to treat our planet and home with the respect and care that we would our house, car, computer system, stereo, iPhone, and television. Environmental ethics must play simply as important a role as business principles if we wish to continue to stay in a ‘regular’ world, or a minimum of exactly what we are accustomed to. Without the merging of these two ethical models, we may as well stick our heads in between our knees and kiss our butts goodbye. Fortunate is that we can make use of all that blood money from oil and coal to start fires when the next ice age hits.

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