Mar 30, 2014

Environmental Activist Compared

Q: How did you get curious about and start dealing with environmental issues in China? A; My issue for environmental degradation in China began 10 years earlier when I was an analyst at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. I read some articles about environmental disasters around the world and some reports on China’s environment, and I was surprised by the scenario. I looked for more information on environmental catastrophes or environmental destruction in China, but I could not find anything – in English or Chinese – in the library of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. This stunned me and I chose to do something. I transferred the focus of my study to the environmental expenses of China’s industrialization and I released some posts.

Preservation involves the defense of our environmental resources and concentrates on keeping our world safe without losing the magnificent range of animal and plant types we see across the earth. Environmentalism is similar, however environmentalism areas more concentration on the protection and stability of the natural surroundings. Saving our natural deposits and preventing pollution is both issues of environmentalism. Environmentalism urges us to practice conservation by being responsible and efficient with the resources we utilize.

I was an editor of an economics publication, and in that capability I came throughout a survey that stated developed countries’ environmental problems are less significant when compared with China’s, due to public awareness of environmental issues in industrialized countries; the survey said that in developed countries, even where the environmental Tag Heuer Replica quality is relatively better – cleaner air and water than in China – people were very stressed about the environment. For them, environmental management was a priority in their lives. In China, there is lots of water and air contamination, and plant species are disappearing, however Chinese citizens feel OK; they never think that the environment is a priority issue. About 4 years ago I saw an investigation that asked people to provide their 10 major concerns. On that list there was absolutely nothing about the environment. I pertained to the conclusion that the Chinese people don’t know about their environment which the main problem is the absence of public education on environmental issues. At that time there was no TV program or newspaper that discussed the environment in China. There were a couple of RJ environmental newsletters, but the audience was extremely restricted.

The Environmental Activist Discussion Continues…

A: After I ended up being worried about the state of the environment in China, I began researching the issues. I released numerous documents on the environment in magazines, however I don’t think many people review them, and there was still no attention to environmental issues. I chose that public education is possibly the most vital aspect. Tag Heuer Replica Watches I took a 2nd step: I changed myself from an analyst to a teacher. I began learning the best ways to make TV programs, and became an independent TELEVISION producer. My first series, ‘Green Talks’, was broadcast in 1994. For it, I talked to even more than 30 experts in China about the environmental circumstance and sustainable development – I also had the chance to study in the US, as a seeing scholar in worldwide economic policy at the University of North Carolina. In the United States, I had exposure to a great deal of research on environmental issues in China and around the globe, and with people actually working as activists in the United States and in other countries. I satisfied and videotaped interviews with many of them. I returned to China in 1995. The turning point came in 1996 when I ended up being the founder of a non-profit, non-governmental company, Global Village of Beijing (GVB). Through GVB, I recognized my double goals: environmental education and development of the NGO sector in China. In spite of the enhanced financial investment of money in environmental protection by the Chinese government, particularly Omega Replica for industrial pollution control jobs, a lack of public awareness implies that the government’s actions are not yet really powerful in protecting the environment. The GVB’s objective is to produce policy change and individual modification.

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