Apr 1, 2013

Eco-friendly and Healthy living

When we say a something is eco-friendly, it means that it does not cause damage to the environment. Put in another way, eco-friendly means earth friendly, or environment friendly.

We can be eco-friendly, both in our activities and habits at home, work and especially in the way we make use of the resources we have in our environment.

Eco-friendly habits in our homes

There are so several things we can do to preserve resources in our homes, offices and businesses.

In our homes, we can turn off the lights in empty rooms. Likewise, the use of automatic thermostats should only be used when people are around. Regulating electrical gadgets this way goes a long way to preventing the release and wasting of energy from them.

Eco-friendly Products


Basically, when we see eco-friendly on products, it suggests that the product is non-toxic. It also means that the ingredients that were used in the production process of the product were prepared in such a way that conserves resources and preserves the ecosystem.

If organic ingredients were used, it means that they were grown naturally without the use of pesticides that could be toxic at some levels. Recycled materials, contain glass, plastic or wood extracted from wasted materials; and converted into another product.

There are also products that are biodegradable, which suggests that after use they naturally break down in the soil.

So with this you can improve healthy living and manage resources in the ecosystem.

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