Jul 29, 2012

Eco-conscious: Reduce fuel costs with vehicle tracking

Technology has brought with it several perks and in case of GPS systems and business solutions, Vehicle Tracking Systems have brought about a mini-revolution in which large fleets are managed and have helped firms in cutting back on both costs and reducing wastage of resources. Irrespective of whether your business is big or small, the latest tracking systems help you in tracking vehicle speed, position and every other parameter in real time and implementing necessary reforms.

Here are ways in which vehicle tracking can cut down your business costs.

  • Keeping a vehicle at its ideal speed will help you cut down on the fuel that is burnt and gives the best possible mileage. U.S. Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) reports suggest that each 5mph above the ideal speed will cost you 20 cents for every gallon of gas. A vehicle tracking system can help avoid this by relaying instant information to fleet managers, who in turn can inform the driver and save fuel costs.
  • Improving the ability to take the shortest and the most efficient routes is one of the biggest advantages of vehicle tracking system. The real time data allows you to beat gridlocks, take the most fuel-efficient ways and will allow you to keep a stern eye on the routes taken by your drivers. The moment they deviate, you can dial in and correct the course.
  • Features like fuel card integration into the vehicle tracking system will ensure that you get every little detail on the way fuel is being used and burnt, enabling you to plan better each time and with every next trip.
  • Vehicle Tracking System can cut down the idle time of the vehicles and this often is a factor that is underestimated. Every hour of cumulative idle time equates to 25 miles of driving. Save all that with instant notifications and you cut down on fuel costs in a huge way.
  • Apart from the various ways in which tracking systems help improve drivers’ performance and hence increase productivity d make profits, they also ensure the safety of your vehicle in case of thefts. Recovery is 80 percent more successful in case of vehicles with tracking systems than otherwise and that in itself is a huge incentive to get one.

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