Apr 1, 2013

Earth’s Future Climate – Hopeful of Bleak?

Over the years, we have seen our beautiful world suffer from serious emissions that have threatened the natural beauty of our environment. The emission from the earth has contributed to the warming of the earth’s climate.

Scientists have already projected that if the emissions persist, then we could see the earth’s temperature increasing up to an additional 4 degrees later in this century.

So are we doing enough to stem the tide? The truth is that if tough decisions are not taken quickly and drastic, then we’ll soon be living in crises mode.


Feasible ways of halting climate change:

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) discovered that by 2050 the emissions from the earth need to be about 50% below its current levels; in their Emissions Gap Report of 2012. So, how can this gap be closed up?

There has to be total compliance with every agreement regarding reduction of green house emissions. The UNEP and other bodies concerned have to implement policies that not only go a long way to achieving emissions objective; but that are also interesting for the concerned nations to pursue.

Take for instance, implementing a better performance standard for public vehicles and buses, will obviously bring down carbon emissions, benefit the environment and enhance quality of air in cities.

Also, there has to be concerted effort in helping under-developed and developing countries adopt a low carbon economy. This can be achieved through quality policy making, and creative information technology systems.


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