May 19, 2012

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Geologists believe that the rising sea level will have implications that could be added more decisive than the weather. The additional weight of millions of cubic kilometers of water could cause strain on the weakest points of the earth’s crust, known as the lithosphere by experts.

This could precipitate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and geological faults that cause local devastation and would send harmful gases and debris into the atmosphere. There are also increased risks of tsunamis. These tidal waves are generated by undersea earthquakes and can travel thousands of miles around the ocean at speeds of 800 kilometers per hour. They appear without warning and with waves up to 30 meters high.

Geologists predict that the volcano on La Palma in the Canaries could explode at some point in the future. The result could send a mega tsunami 500 meters high across the Atlantic that could swallow parts of the UK.

Global warming is a global phenomenon. Continents, countries, municipalities and communities could be thousands of miles away, but no one lives completely isolated. The impact of man’s irresponsible behavior and the resulting natural disasters affect us and affect everyone.

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