Oct 26, 2017

Do You Have Glossophobia?

Do you have Glossophobia? Don’t worry, it’s not serious. In fact, it’s downright common. Glossophobia is fear of public speaking and it is something that afflicts just about any type of person you can think of, including the most outgoing among us.

Do you have a speech you have to give at work or some kind of public function that you are worrying about? Here are some tips on how to ease that fear:

Make Sure You are Prepared

You not only need to know your facts for the talk, but also in order to answer any questions that come up. Make sure you do all of the research that you need to present a persuasive and entertaining presentation. If you know that your speech is solid and accurate, that will help to increase your confidence when it comes time to take the stage.

Forget the Audience

Unless your speech requires the participation of the audience, try and forget they are there. Make occasional, brief eye contact, but limit your communication to that. Concentrate instead on getting everything in the speech across as clearly as possible. In some venues, the lighting is such that you won’t even be able to see the people you are speaking to. That can help to make it easier.

Learn to Relax When Giving a Speech

Like most everything in life, speechmaking becomes easier the more you do it. You can also use the short cut of Toastmasters, a group dedicated to public speaking. It meets weekly and offers a safe and receptive venue where you can practice techniques that help to make you a more confident and polished speaker.

If that doesn’t help, consider speaking to a therapist. They will offer suggestions on relaxation techniques and other strategies that can help to ease your anxiety.

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