Apr 7, 2015

Discussion Of Biosphere Reserve

Know that… trekking in Patagonia includes climbing up mountains, which are 1900– 2000 meters or more in height.

Patagonia is a region in the southern part of South America. It comes under the jurisdiction of both, Chile and Argentina. It consists of the southernmost section of the Andes mountains to the west and south, and plateaus and low plains to the east. Endowed with an abundance of nature’s bounty, Patagonia is nothing short of a tourist’s delight. Trekking in this region is an excellent way of exploring this mystical area. In this post, we’ll take you through a virtual tour of the very best hiking tracks in this region.

Biosphere Reserve; More Info

This gorgeous northern area of the Patagonian Andes consists of thick forests, snow-capped volcanoes, and lochs straddling the Chile-Argentina border. It is among the very best areas for trekking in Patagonia since it is yet to be explored exhaustively. This area possesses short hikes, backpacking trips, and some wonderful locations for mountain biking. All through this huge, undiscovered, and untouched forests. There is no lack of accommodation options here. There is a chance to inspect out volcanoes and indulge in river rafting.

Here at Sian Ka’an (Mayan for ‘where the sky is born’) you can observe the reserve from an observation tower, kayak in the wetlands, explore the jungle on foot and go snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Beh Ha Canute (a sinkhole with caves).

Located on Mount Tronador, this is one area you should consider if you desire a great trekking experience. When here, you can either do an independent trek, or opt for a trekking organization and regional guides. This trek extends two days and a night. The mountain is a bit different from other mountains in Bariloche, a city in the province of Rio Negro, at the foothills of the Andes. It is the greatest in the Andes peaks and also has a variety of glaciers. You can reach here through a forest, in the very first part of the trek then follow a variety of volcanic rocks with fantastic views of waterfalls and glaciers.

This trekking zone near Chile offers a fabulous range of geographical types. It has everything, from lakes to snow-capped mountains and appears more like an experience of the wilderness. These treks are around valleys, lakes, and over high mountain passes. What is unique and rare about this aspect of trekking in Patagonia is that they still consist of routes made use of by residents from going to isolated settlements.

This park depends on the southernmost part of Chilean Patagonia and has been stated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978 and is also a World Heritage Site. Calving glaciers, alpine lakes, cascading rivers, and waterfalls decorate this location. It is rich in wildlife and has a large range of growing environments. Another thing which gives this place an advantage over the rest is the period of daylight, specifically during high season? January and February. Throughout these months, you can experience daytime for as long as 20 hours. This reality makes the region ideal for trekking and trekking.

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