Mar 22, 2012

Coral Cup (Turbinaria peltata)

Did you know?

That kind of brown algae is also called Turbinaria? That in the year 2005, 17,191 Coral Cups were exported mainly from Indonesia for the aquarium trade?

The Coral Cup coral polyps are quite small but can grow to over 1 meter. They have two main patterns: one is tall and slender cone, another cup being so kind. They can also be found in the form of leaflets ridges, plates, glasses, or rolls. Colors can be bright yellow, cream, gray, brown, blue and green. The base and the polyps are blue. Depending on the conditions under which it is exposed, it can grow horizontally or vertically. The Coral Cup is nocturnal and hides their polyps during the day in the skeleton. At night, it feeds on plankton. The age of first maturity of most coral is usually three to eight years. This species is particularly susceptible to fading, which is caused by the temperature increase with climate change, diseases, and others. 

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