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Feb 13, 2018

Staying at Home Longer is Now a Reality

Our homes mean a lot to us. They are the places where we have experienced some of our fondest memories and watched our children grow up. Maintaining an attractive and functional home also helps to enhance our individual sense of purpose and accomplishment. As we age, our home becomes even more important because most of us tend to spend a great amount of time there.

As we grow older, physical and mental challenges can become more acute. For some, that means it is no longer safe to remain at home without assistance. Relatives and friends are often eager to help at first, but when the challenges of such an arrangement become apparent, they tend to be less receptive. This is not their fault: caregiving can be enormously challenging if you don’t have the right background.

Fortunately, aging at home is now a very realistic proposition and more and more Canadians are planning in advance for it. The key is an in-home personal support worker. These trained professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help their clients with everything from major physical challenges to the basics of daily living that are now more difficult to do.

One of the best of these specialized service providers is Right at Home (RAH). Helping Canadians right across the country for many years, RAH thoroughly assesses each client in order to know exactly where their needs lie. Using this information, they find the worker(s) best suited to aiding that individual and draw up a visit schedule. RAH in-home assistance has made living a pleasure again for thousands of Canadians by allowing them to stay where they wish to live. While most are elderly, RAH also works with people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident and others who began to experience ongoing physical and mental challenges at an early age.

Jan 25, 2018

Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Heart Attack and Stroke?

We’ve all heard about people who seemed perfectly healthy one day, who then experienced a fatal heart attack or stroke. This does happen and it is not always possible to predict such an unfortunate occurence. However, if you know what to look for, there are certain signs that can be a tipoff that such a medical event is underway. In many cases, the person affected can still be saved via timely intervention. Here are some of the early warning signs of heart attack and stroke.

Heart Attack

Most everyone knows that acute chest pain is a common sign of a heart attack. This uncomfortable pressure (which can also feel like squeezing or fullness) may be continuous or stop and then come back a few minutes later.

Here are some other symptoms you might not know about:

Pain in one of both arms, your stomach, back, neck, or jaw can also be an indication of a heart attack. Shortness of breath may occur before or during upper abdominal discomfort. Lightheadedness, nausea, or a case of the cold sweats can also be indicators.


Someone experiencing a stroke does not generally feel the same degree of pain as a heart attack. However, there are also some very notable indicators. These include obscurred vision in one or both eyes, dizziness/loss of balance and/or coordination, severe inexplicable headache, numbness or weakness in one side of the body or arms/legs/face, or difficulty speaking/understanding.

If you or someone around you has any of these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately. Very few people experience all of the above, but even just one can lead to serious consequences. The sooner this person receives medical treatment, the better the odds that they will survive and be able to lead a normal life.

In addition to this article, sharing the following video with colleagues and loved ones can potentially save a life:

Dec 4, 2017

Spending Christmas Alone This Year?

Christmas is traditionally a time to get together with your family and friends. However, what if that is not possible this year? Or maybe, after years of one unpleasant family holiday dinner after another, you’ve simply had enough and want to stay home alone?

Many people would be mortified by the thought of Christmas entirely on their own, but spending December 25th on your own does have some definite appeal.

Enjoy the Quiet

No commitments means there is absolutely no rush to get out of bed—how refreshing is that? Many people in your neighborhood or building will likely head out of town for the day, so everything will be nice and quiet. Enjoy going for long walks in solitude? Christmas Day provides an excellent opportunity. Best of all: no screaming children or arguing adults.

Get Things Done

If you don’t want to spend the day doing nothing, use this chance to get some things done. Enjoy that rare chance to really throw yourself into something without perpetual interruptions.


If you want to be away from the usual suspects, but still would like to give back on Christmas, try volunteering. Check with your local volunteer center and see if there are any organizations that need help on December 25th.

Enjoy Foreign Cuisine

If you’re ditching company, why not also ditch turkey? Most restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t apply to Chinatown or most restaurants specializing in cuisine from other far off places. Never could convince your friends to try that interesting looking Turkish establishment across town? Make a reservation and go there yourself.

Forget That It’s Christmas

Supremely tired of the day and the people who live for it? Turn off the TV, radio, and internet and do what you would normally do on one of those rare days off that you have all to yourself.

Nov 13, 2017

How to Stay Awake While Driving

You have probably seen that warning on medicine bottles saying that you should not operate heavy machinery while taking that drug. The reason is drowsiness, which affects both mental clarity and reaction time. People are so used to driving that they typically forget their car has the potential to be a two-ton weapon when not operated safely. Fall asleep at the wheel and you will likely not be the only person hurt or killed as a result.

Those feeling tired en route typically drink coffee or blast loud music to keep themselves awake. Here are some other tips that are generally more effective:

Nap Beforehand

Know you have a long drive ahead of you? Try to grab a couple hours of shuteye before you hit the road. Your mind and body will thank you.

Stop and Move Around

Feeling drowsy? Pull off the road in a safe spot, get up and walk around for a bit. This helps to keep mind and body fresh. Don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes doing this.

Open Your Windows

A breeze can be very effective at keeping you conscious, particularly if the air is on the cool side.

Stay Hydrated

And by saying this, we are not including caffeine as it tends to dehydrate. Drink plenty of water. This may mean more rest stops, but your body will function better. Also, stopping and getting out of the car periodically will also help you to stay awake.

Eat Properly

It is tempting to fill up on the quick energy that sugar provides, but this leads to inevitable crashes. You are better off eating properly balanced meals that will help your body function evenly and consistently.


Tired of listening to music? Try audiobooks. These require you to pay attention. Also, ones that make you laugh will also help you to keep going.

Oct 26, 2017

Do You Have Glossophobia?

Do you have Glossophobia? Don’t worry, it’s not serious. In fact, it’s downright common. Glossophobia is fear of public speaking and it is something that afflicts just about any type of person you can think of, including the most outgoing among us.

Do you have a speech you have to give at work or some kind of public function that you are worrying about? Here are some tips on how to ease that fear:

Make Sure You are Prepared

You not only need to know your facts for the talk, but also in order to answer any questions that come up. Make sure you do all of the research that you need to present a persuasive and entertaining presentation. If you know that your speech is solid and accurate, that will help to increase your confidence when it comes time to take the stage.

Forget the Audience

Unless your speech requires the participation of the audience, try and forget they are there. Make occasional, brief eye contact, but limit your communication to that. Concentrate instead on getting everything in the speech across as clearly as possible. In some venues, the lighting is such that you won’t even be able to see the people you are speaking to. That can help to make it easier.

Learn to Relax When Giving a Speech

Like most everything in life, speechmaking becomes easier the more you do it. You can also use the short cut of Toastmasters, a group dedicated to public speaking. It meets weekly and offers a safe and receptive venue where you can practice techniques that help to make you a more confident and polished speaker.

If that doesn’t help, consider speaking to a therapist. They will offer suggestions on relaxation techniques and other strategies that can help to ease your anxiety.

Oct 13, 2017

How to Have Better Communication With Your Clients

One of the most important things in any business relationship is communication. If one party is either not comfortable or not able to clearly share information with the other, errors and misunderstandings can easily result. Such problems can lead to significant issues in a business relationship and sometimes even cause it to collapse.

Is your firm experiencing difficulties communicating clearly with your clients? Have a look at the following strategies and see which would work for you:

Engender a human connection

Who are you more likely to trust: a casual acquaintance or an old friend? Don’t just be a voice on the phone or an email in the inbox. Make appointments so you can meet in person. This shows that you care, respect their time, and appreciate the business.

Know the right time to communicate

Early on in the business relationship, it is important to keep communicating on a regular basis in order to get everything in place for the future. As a relationship continues, and you get to know each other quite well, you can rely less on such communication because you will be able to take certain things for granted.

Know the right form of communication to use

If something is of major importance, never send it to a client in an email. Request an in-person meeting to relay this particular news. Email is rapid and effective, but if you rely on it too much or for things that are of particular note, it can seem like you are not giving a client a sufficient amount of your time and consideration for this to be a relationship of equal stature.

Always follow up promptly

Even if you are quite busy, it is imperative to provide timely, detailed, and accurate responses to any kind of inquiry. This reflects that the client’s association with you is of great importance and that you care about their time and business.

Sep 15, 2017

Hobbies are Therapeutic

Most everyone has a hobby, but how many do you think realize just how important it is to their lives? Have you ever honestly thought about the value that your hobby adds? Here are just a few of the things that having a hobby can do for you:

A sense of calm

So many of us nowadays are stressed and perpetually in a hurry. It never seems like there are enough hours in the day to get things done, while also finding some time for ourselves to unwind and smell the roses. Having a hobby allows you to have time to get away from it all and engage in something you find relaxing and rewarding.

Meeting new people

Some hobbies can be solitary in nature, but most are practised by many people in the world. That means that your particular hobby can act as a way for you to meet new people and expand your friendship circle. Such associations can not only improve the depth and quality of your hobby, they can also enrich your life.

Hobbies help with depression

People who suffer from chronic depression often feel that their life is going nowhere and they are accomplishing nothing worthwhile. Having a hobby allows you to not only accomplish something, but something that is of particular importance to you. That can help to make up for any voids you feel in your life, such as an unsatisfying job, unsuccessful relationships, etc. Hobbies also allow you to remain in the present moment, something that many therapists find to be an effective natural remedy for depression.

Hobbies provide structure

Are you the type of person who has trouble adhering to a schedule? Practising a hobby on a regular basis can help you significantly with that, especially if you do it with other people.

Sep 6, 2017

Have Trouble With Your Temper?

We all get angry every once in a while, but if you find yourself getting upset constantly, then you may have an anger problem. This issue can have serious consequences, such as acts of violence, and can drive a significant wedge between you and your loved ones.

Here are some things you can try if you feel anger is a growing problem:

Walk Away

If you feel a situation heating up and your blood pressure rising, do yourself a favor and walk away from it. Good solutions rarely happen when the people involved are upset, so you are better off just leaving and coming back to it later when you feel calmer.

Take Some Deep Breaths

It sounds too simple to work, but taking deep breathes and slowly exhaling is a very effective way to make yourself calm down. You can heighten the effect by closing your eyes during the process.


In addition to being good for you, exercise is a great way to work out your aggression. If you feel that anger rising, take the edge off by going for a good, long run.

Let Things Go

It can be very tempting to hold a grudge when you are angry, but that just perpetuates the problem. Try to put things in the past by not dwelling on them.

See a Therapist

As mentioned above, regular bouts of anger can have a terrible effect on you and the people around you. If you are feeling that your emotions are regularly out of balance, and you can’t correct the issue on your own, make an appointment to see a therapist. He or she will talk to you about the problem, determine what your triggers are, and discuss how you can work together on a treatment strategy that will help you achieve a better emotional balance.

Aug 10, 2017

Getting the Best Deals on Back to School Supplies for the Kids

Believe it or not, August is almost half way over. That means only about three weeks before the kids are back in school. It can be tempting to put things off and enjoy the rest of the summer with as little work as possible, but you really should start thinking about school supplies. Getting them now before the rush is a smart idea and here are some tips on how you can save money while doing it:

It can be tempting to buy everything at one store, but that convenience will cost you. Why not make a list of what you need now and pick it up during your regular shopping runs?

One place for school supplies that many do not think of is the local dollar store. Don’t worry, you are not letting your child down by getting things there. The truth of the matter is, not everything school kids need has to be of top quality, so why not save on those items? Basics like pencils, crayons, and erasers will cost you less here. Be careful about paper, however, as it tends to be so thin as to be useless at standing up to the wear and tear of grade schoolers.

You can also price compare using the internet. Look at your list and check the prices charged by retailers in the area. Make note of which offers the best prices for each item, then buy the things you need from each retailer. That means a few more trips rather than just one, but the money saved will more than justify it.

Don’t forget about online retailers, like Amazon. Planning and buying early gives you the chance to order from online suppliers that can offer better deals than brick and mortar stores.

Take some of that money you save and treat the kids to dinner and a movie. That will help to alleviate the sadness they feel on the morning of September 5th.

Jul 31, 2017

What is Solar Energy Used for?

As worries about the effects of climate change increase, countries are turning to alternative forms of energy that have little or no harsh effects for the planet. Amongst the most widely adopted of these is solar energy. The sun is one our greatest natural resources and, contrary to the lies perpetuated by some politicians, it is not a resource that will run out because of solar energy collection.

Alternative to Electricity

Solar collectors, such as the panels you see on the roofs of some houses, collect energy from the sun. This energy is then used for as a power source. You may have seen small solar panels alongside signs in your neighborhood; those use solar energy to illuminate instead of electricity.

Powering Transportation

One of the main causes of pollution these days is the gasoline burned by the countless millions of cars and trucks that transport people and goods. Solar energy has the capability to power all manner of vehicles, and not just the ones you see on the highway. Even sizeable passenger trains can be powered by this clean and entirely renewable energy.

Wearable Solar-Powered Tech

Most of us have a smartphone or iPod on our persons for much of the day, but the batteries in them don’t last. In fact, they seem to run out of juice just when we need them the most. Instead of having to search for an electrical outlet, wouldn’t it be great to have a small solar-powered charging panel? These devices and more (tablets, rechargeable flashlights, speakers, etc) could all be charged using one of these instead of built-in batteries or ones that you have to purchase.

Use of solar energy will undoubtedly increase going forward. If you wish to add solar panels to your home, contact your local solar energy authority to learn more.

Jul 31, 2017

Basic Hygiene for Men

There can be a certain rugged appeal to any man who does not automatically confirm to the social norms of grooming. Walking around with a two day growth of beard, a torn shirt, and strategically ripped jeans can make you stand out from the pack in a way that others find to be enticingly sexy.

However, it is also possible to go too far in that direction, particularly if a lack of basic hygiene leaves you smelling rather ripe. Men tend not to be as vigilant when it comes to this basic task, so here are some tips you can use as reminders:


Whether you are working hard on the job, playing some sports with the guys, or just forgot to shower yesterday, guys can start to smell pretty unpleasant after awhile. Even worse, we are less likely to notice our own odors than the ones given off by other people. Use deodorant and shower every day, and do your laundry regularly so that you always have something clean to put on.

Nose and Ear Hair

Having excess hair growing out of your nose or ears is just plain unappealing. As guys age, it can even start growing on your ears. Keep a trimmer handy and remember to check those areas each morning.

Bad Breath

Depending on your diet and whether or not you smoke, your breath can be pretty rank. Be sure to gargle each morning and carry some breath mints on your person. Also, brush and floss your teeth three times daily.


Men often use cologne to mask other smells they might not have noticed. Unfortunately, using too much can be just as offensive to others.


Those pesky white flakes can really mar your appearance, especially if you like to wear dark colored clothing. If you have dandruff, use a dandruff shampoo each morning.

Jan 2, 2015

Are You Suited To Florida Retirement Living

Energetic adult living is a fact in a retirement community. Even though the majority of retirees would expect for a dreary and less exciting life once they stop working, Florida 55 and over communities provide better options that redefine our thought of retirement living. These retirement communities put stress on preserving a healthy and gratifying lifestyle in order to enable the senior retirees to enjoy the benefits of their labor. While some dread the possibility of a life after 55 years of age, those who prepare to settle in either of the Florida retirement communities are, on the other hand, excited about it.

For instance, living in a Florida retirement life community provides lots of options to maintain pleasing, safe, healthy but dynamic lifestyles. Senior retirees can easily transition into productive and safe living conditions under the setup that is applied in these premiere retirement communities. Those who know better actually plan early and they make the necessary preparations long before they reach retirement age.

And, have you thought about……

We see a bunch of senior retirees in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and many other countries going to Florida to check out their retirement living options. What lures in the greater part of the senior retirees to Florida is the reality that the 55+ communities there aren’t the usual types that forces them to denounce the lifestyle that they have grown to love. While others may express that retirement communities are the marking of the beginning of an end, in Florida it is the beginning of more exciting, albeit safer way of enjoying life. These communities let you learn on your own, the genuine meaning of living at 55 and up. You will realize that the very best things in life are still to come and it happens in Florida.

The climate, the population and the all round aura of Florida make it the perfect retirement option for mature adults. You do not have to dread the bleak prospects that one expects when he takes up residence at a Florida 55+ community. The experience in Florida simply is wonderful. No words can do justice in describing how it is going to be for our senior retirees. One thing is certain though, excellent things are required to happen with your settlement in Florida.

Solivita is a community of retirement homes in Florida that has all of the attributes of a perfect living. It is placed at Orlando Florida and is managed by Florida Premier Vacation homes. Solivita gives your Florida living bits of sports leisure, arts, dining, education, and recreation. The seniors wouldn’t lack their daily exercise with its large walking and running space. There is a clubhouse that’s surrounded by a vast golf course that could serve as by all the membership of the community. The retirees could enjoy their day in practicing their golfing abilities. This retirement home also offers recreational events such as jogging, fishing, or boat riding. They provide a wide variety of hobbies and sports for the fulfilment of the seniors. Plus, located in the town is a ballroom facility that could accommodate 500 people. Most of the community’s activities are set here for concerts, formal dinners, dancing, parties, and many more. Lastly, the environment of the Solivita is perfect for artistic people. Amazing lakes, wildlife, many trees, and the great golf course makes this place perfect for relaxation while painting or drawing your work of art. The peace on this community is also fit for a writer’s solidarity needs.

Providing retirement homes nationwide. They likewise have a certain number of communities in the Florida area. Although they provide benefits which other communities could give, CRF Communities makes the treatment of your retirement homes a lot easier. Since they have been around for 30 years, these communities understand what the common retiree needs and want giving you the full variety of choices of services. The majority of the communities that they provide are located near hospitals, fitness houses, golf courses, shopping malls, airports, and a beautiful environment within your reach. Plus, there are plenty of spaces to choose from-everything from enjoying the view of the sunset to gleaming lakes as trees.

Florida energetic adult communities aren’t just an ordinary retirement community. These retirement communities stand for the finer things in life. It provides for the environment that senior retirees truly ought to get, full of life and retaining the nature of a lifestyle that puts priority to comfort and healthy living conditions. All these are presented in a community that is safe and secure. While others would prevent it, settlement in Florida would be highly hoped for by the people who value the quality of life that is found in these productive adult communities.