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May 20, 2013

Recycled Paper Can End Deforestation

It is no longer news that we are losing our forests every day, and at the root of this is deforestation from paper manufacturers. There has been an increase in the demand of paper, and the impact is showing in our forests. The paper manufacturers rightly claim that forests are renewable, but we also know they could take over fifty years to mature. So how renewable is that?

However, recycled paper is great in that it helps reduce the need for deforestation, thereby promoting green living. But again it has obvious limits, and so cannot really compete with the regular paper.

The problem lies in the way the recycled paper looks and feels. Although this can be improved, it comes at the expense of extensive bleaching and processing. This makes it expensive and even unsuitable for the environment because of the bleaching processes.


Nevertheless, this may not be so anymore. The Bamboo tree may be able to produce paper that can favorably compete with the normal paper, though this will be achieved with the addition of other materials in the production process.

But the good news is that it will go a long way to reducing the dependence on the forest trees for paper when it is fully harnessed. Considering that the Bamboo takes just about five to grow to maturity, and the fact that it may not even qualify as a tree – with its hollow stem, it becomes a great alternative to the solid stem trees that take decades to mature.

May 20, 2013

How to Care for Your Pet

It is important to learn how to take care of our pets when they are trouble, before running to the Vet doctor. This way we’ll be able provide first aid that could sustain them before the Vet starts his work.

First, just as you keep first aid kit for kids in your home, it is also important to have such for your pet in case it gets injured. There are basic things that should always be in your kit: gauze used for wrapping injury, hydrogen peroxide, needle-less syringe that can be used to administer medication and adhesive tape. Though this is not comprehensive, it gives you a head start in taking care of your pet.

When your pet is bleeding, apply pressure on the area until the bleeding stops. Even though you have first aid kit, ensure you call your Vet and also make sure you don’t use a tourniquet on the animal.

Veterinarian Petting Dog

In extreme cases where the pet stops breathing, then you may have to apply breathing directly into its nostrils; apply massage also on its heart alternatively with the breaths. This is important if observe heartbeat but no breathing.

Further, if the pet is vomiting or has diarrhea, you have to keep food away, but provide water so the pet doesn’t die from dehydration. You really don’t have to take care of this alone, take the animal to the Vet.

In the case of a poison, take note of the materials it swallowed, as well as the amount taken. This will give the Vet some clue as to what to do for your pet. Taking poisons does not call for vomiting, do not induce it.

May 20, 2013

Excessive Fishing – Why Overfishing is a Serious Problem

Fish serves as one of the world’s main source of food for many people around the world. They are packed with proteins and are great source of nutrients in a healthy diet. However, more and more fishes are being overfished all around the world, causing its population to drop significantly over the recent years.

Excessive fishing is caused when more fishes are caught than the amount that is required to reproduce its population. Fishing fleets that are used to catch fish are mostly two to three times larger than the sustainable amount the world’s oceans have. When this happens, there isn’t enough adult fish to reproduce, causing its number and supply to deplete substantially. If this is allowed to happen over an extended period of time, the ocean may be deprived of fish altogether for there isn’t enough fish to replenish the population.

 Fisherman emptying catch into fish pound on 20m trawler in North Sea, UK

Overfishing not only causes the fish population to drop, but it can also affect other marine life in the ocean. When fishing methods that are employed are dangerous to other marine life, it can cause a disruption in the balance of the ocean’s health.

Methods like bottom trawling is one of the most damaging methods to catch fish for the heavy net that is trawled along the bottom of the ocean floor can destroy other marine life, coral reefs and the ocean’s bed. Some of these marine systems will take a very long time to recover and in some cases like the coral reefs, they may not recover at all, leaving us with a barren sea.

Despite a huge demand on fishes in the market, there needs to be a controlled system in the amount of fish being caught. This needs to be implemented so that the entire fish population won’t disappear.

May 20, 2013

Why Melting Glaciers is Not a Good Sign?

Glaciers are amazing nature’s process and an even more spectacular sight to behold. Glaciers are made of compressed fallen snow, packed into thick masses of crystallized ice. Fallen snow packed on top of the other and under their own weight, glaciers can move and slide downwards towards lower area.

In recent years, glaciers have been melting faster than they usually do. Glaciers have always melted to a certain amount due to warmer weather like during summer. However, because of global warming and an increase of the average temperature, glaciers are melting rapidly and in some places have gone entirely. When warmer water melts glaciers faster than they can accumulate, there will be no more glaciers to replace the existing ones that are used as source of freshwater and electricity by some communities in the world.


Why are glaciers so important? They are just thick sheets of ice moving slowly, aren’t they?

When glaciers melt, the water will flow from the streams and rivers and into the ocean. When this happens, the water level in the ocean will rise. Coastal areas will flood and homes will be destroyed. Farmlands that are situated at lower lands will also be flooded and the crops will be gone. This will disrupt our way of life and our source of living. When all the water flows into the ocean, the streams and river will dry up and the people who use water from these water sources will suffer from shortage of water supply.

Increase in global average temperature has caused dire consequences on glaciers. It’s a phenomenon that needs to be addressed before more serious problems occur.

May 13, 2013

Keeping Safe during Thunderstorm Conditions

We know how scary and intense thunderstorms can be when they come, especially during storms. They happen every now and then around the world – happening about 16 million times yearly, and lasting for about 30 minutes on the average.

In keeping yourself as well as your neighbors and family members safe during a thunderstorm, there are guidelines that should help you.

Usually, the first thing you have to do is to be updated on the happenings around your neighborhood. You can follow events online, by phone or by accessing what is happening outside by yourself. These days, a lot of severe weather conditions are monitored with accuracy, so you can follow the news for updates about the direction and movement of the storm.


Cover and secure all outdoor appliances, because debris can be as risky as electric shocks and lightning. Inside the home, stay away from windows and doors as well as electrical appliances as the storm passes. In fact it is best to have all of the electrical appliances unplugged from the sockets.

It is important to unplug electrical appliances because lightning can actually travel through the wires and cables. Also avoid the phones and leave sockets unplugged from electric current except where it is necessary.

These steps can help you avoid thunderstorms as they pass by your house. Sometimes they could last longer than normal, but you have to give a time frame of about 10 minutes after the storm before going out of your safe haven.

May 13, 2013

How Technology Can Facilitate Disaster Warnings

Imagine receiving an alert through your phone from the Environmental Agency of an impending flood, with the capacity to destroy the buildings in your neighbourhood. You get your family ready, and together with your community, you move to a safe location.

Now that is how mobile technology intends to provide aid and alert to coastline dwellers of natural disasters. The issues regarding flooding have led to the need for a radical improvement in the way floods and other natural disasters are forecast.


People use their mobile devices more these days as a convenient source of information. The Nielsen research group showed that there has been an 85% rise in mobile app development, an 82% growth in mobile websites as well as a reduction of 4% in the use of the conventional personal computer.

This means that mobile apps can be used by people to get alerts to disaster-related information in their community. Research has also shown that the use of mobile apps has more than doubled. And recently, the Environmental Agency introduced the very first Facebook flood warning system. Thus they have made flood alerts a priority in this period full of unexpected and sudden environmental disasters.

Going by Moore’s law that suggests that the power of technology doubles every 18 months, it has become a sector that cannot be ignored. This is true especially in managing the continuous natural disasters that occur in our cities today. We really need to adopt this innovative mobile technology in protecting people and their homes from unexpected natural disasters.

Apr 28, 2013

Nuclear Energy – How Feasible?

The incidents of the Fukushima disaster are still fresh in the memory, especially to those in Japan and other eastern countries. There have also been other nuclear disasters recorded in history. This explains why so many people are against the use of nuclear energy.Oil Refinery

Looking at countries that actually have the resources to implement nuclear power plants, it seems as though they really just have no option but to use it. Japan for example, are already looking at restarting their use nuclear power plant considering the economy and the need to keep business and commerce going in the country.

Also, China’s pollution from their coal plants has become very severe in the atmosphere. And now they just need to figure out an alternative way of generating electricity, so people can at least have fresh air to breathe.

The challenges posed by producing energy through nuclear plants have been identified: the cost, its safety, managing its waste and the risk of proliferation.

Taking a closer look at those challenges, it is possible to develop technologies that can eliminate the risks associated with nuclear energy. They will be developed as small reactors that can take care of cost, safety and managing of the nuclear wastes.

The small reactors will also use up to 95% of the nuclear fuel, preventing the unused fuel from accumulating for a long time.

Really, the time has come for the world to begin looking at the possibility of harnessing nuclear energy as a source of power.

Apr 20, 2013

Steps To Repair a Damaged Lawn

Once in a while we observe that the lawns in our homes are damaged or looked patched. This can be caused by several factors such as harmful insects, weeds or lack of care. We repair the damaged lawn to restore its fresh and green appearance. The earlier it is done the better.

damaged lawn

The steps here will give a head start in repairing your damaged lawn.

Water continuously

Applying enough water can help bring the grasses back to life. To measure how much water is enough, keep a food can during sprinkling. Once it accumulates half inch of water, you can stop

Replace the patches

With a small hand shovel, remove the soil surface of dead spots or patches and water it. You can also spread seeds and observe the spot until grasses sprout up.

Apply the fertilizers

Visit your local store and use any proven fertilizer application product that help give your lawn the appropriate nutrients it needs; as well as strengthen grass roots in the soil.

Clear any dead grasses

Dead grasses are just dead. Take them out with a rake and replace with seeds. You can spread a few of the dead grasses and water appropriately.

Uproot any weeds

Though this step is last here, it can even be done first, considering how important it is to the growth of the grasses in your lawn. Watch and make sure that weeds are uprooted. Also don’t allow plants from your plant bed to begin appearing on your lawns.

Generally, it is important to take care of your lawns and prevent any of the above from the outset. This will give the grasses longer life, and eliminate the stress of repairing a damaged lawn.

Apr 20, 2013

How Eco-friendly is Wind Energy?

There has been so much rave about eco-friendly ways of generating energy in our world today. One of such is by using wind turbines that are powered by high currents of wind.

On close observation of how tapping energy from wind occurs, one begins to wonder if it doesn’t go contrary to the whole essence of green energy production.

First, the fact that wind is not available at every point in time keeps the turbines idle at these times, making them unreliable. Sometimes too, when the wind comes, it could come with such velocity that the turbines will be turned off, so they don’t catch fire and disintegrate.


Also, as long as we are concerned about our environment, we have to take note of the birds and bats the rotating blades of the turbines kill at every point in time. Not to mention the uncomfortable sounds it produces when it is rotating. The sounds have damaging effects on mammals especially.

As for emissions, the concrete base and towers of steel produces a lot of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. This doesn’t mean greenness in any sense.

Furthermore, costs of maintaining a wind turbine is high. Each of its motor lasts just for 10 to 15 years, including the costs involved in installing its transmission lines.

So there needs to be a reassessment of how green the energy produced by wind technology really is. There has to be a way of minimizing its negative impacts in the environment, or reducing its general maintenance costs.


Apr 17, 2013

Sustainability of the World’s Ocean Fishes

Research studies have shown that the population of fishes presents in our ocean today is just 10 percent the number they were before the boom in industrialization. This means that they are currently under pressure, and scientists have warned that by 2050, the fisheries could collapse significantly.

Although large populations of fishes have demonstrated the ability to recover, especially when managed properly; there is need to enforce regulations that protect fishes from excessive fishing and ensure their sustainability.

EU fishing quota : Fishermen in Spain

To contribute to the sustainability of fishes, it has to start with providing more information to the consumers. By identifying fishes properly via tracking, from the ocean to the plate, the consumers will be able to know where and when fish was caught.

Also, by tracking, fishes can be labeled properly so that the consumers have the choice over the kind of fish they want to eat. Sustainability can really be maintained when we know where fishes come from and exactly how it was caught.

Take for instance, a fish that was caught about 30 days ago and one that was caught just yesterday are both called ‘fresh fishes’ by a fish seller.

When consumers understand the importance of eating only the really ‘fresh fishes’, and also understand its distribution, then the fishing process will gradually become more sustainable.

To achieve this, a tracking technology could help answer some sustainability questions such as: was the fish caught using a fish aggregating device, and how legal was the catch?

With that, the sustainability of fishes in our ocean can begin to be taken more seriously.

Apr 17, 2013

Eco-friendly Way of Disposing Old Computers

The use of computers in homes have increased tremendously, and as tech companies manufacture better ones; it becomes obvious that there has to be a way of disposing of the older ones that are either outdated or no longer in use.

A lot of times, repairing old computers doesn’t make sense, because the cost could far outweigh the entire value of the computer. So it becomes even cheaper and better to buy a new one.

In disposing of computers, you have to realize that the computer components carry poisonous substances like mercury, cadmium and lead. The lead is majorly found in the monitor of those old cathode-ray computer screens.

Recycling plant tellies and monitors Norway.

Flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, antimony trioxide, polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated biphenyls, are also present. This makes surplus computers in a home to be considered as hazardous waste by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

So to avoid the risk of contaminating our environment with heavy chemicals, recycling the computers will ensure that the glasses, metals and plastics are not wasted.

In fact, these resources from the computers can be used in the production of newer computers, while at the same time saving our ecosystem from the risks associated with environmental pollution.

You definitely wouldn’t have realized that by recycling a million computers, the amount of energy equivalent required in about 4,000 homes would have been saved.

By recycling, you also protect even your deleted personal data from your hard disk too. But ultimately, it makes so much sense to hand over your used and outdated computers to recyclers, in order to save our environment.

Apr 1, 2013

Eco-friendly and Healthy living

When we say a something is eco-friendly, it means that it does not cause damage to the environment. Put in another way, eco-friendly means earth friendly, or environment friendly.

We can be eco-friendly, both in our activities and habits at home, work and especially in the way we make use of the resources we have in our environment.

Eco-friendly habits in our homes

There are so several things we can do to preserve resources in our homes, offices and businesses.

In our homes, we can turn off the lights in empty rooms. Likewise, the use of automatic thermostats should only be used when people are around. Regulating electrical gadgets this way goes a long way to preventing the release and wasting of energy from them.

Eco-friendly Products


Basically, when we see eco-friendly on products, it suggests that the product is non-toxic. It also means that the ingredients that were used in the production process of the product were prepared in such a way that conserves resources and preserves the ecosystem.

If organic ingredients were used, it means that they were grown naturally without the use of pesticides that could be toxic at some levels. Recycled materials, contain glass, plastic or wood extracted from wasted materials; and converted into another product.

There are also products that are biodegradable, which suggests that after use they naturally break down in the soil.

So with this you can improve healthy living and manage resources in the ecosystem.