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May 30, 2013

Taking Care of Problems Associated with Managing fish Aquaria

This is a continuation of our previous post ‘How to Solve Problems Associated with Aquarium Setups’.

Managing an aquarium has obvious challenges, but they can always be taken care of using simple processes that you can easily do once in a while. Taking care of these challenges that crop up ensure your long term success in the fish industry.

Temperature of the aquarium

Depending on where your aquarium tank is located, you can experience variations in temperatures at different times of the day. You can use a heater to prevent the tank from being too cold for the fishes.

To make the tank appropriate for the fishes during hot seasons, then a chiller could be necessary – though a bit expensive. Alternatively, you can turn off the lights during hot days. You can also induce evaporation by leaving the tank lids open; this way evaporation induces cooling in the aquarium tank.


Gasping of Fishes at Water Surface

When fishes gasp at the surface of the water, it could be as a result of the presence of large amounts of ammonia and/or low oxygen. The levels of ammonia could increase as a result of the death of a fish, plant or even accumulation of wastes in the tank.

You simply have to manage the waste in the water without damaging the beneficial bacteria present in the water, that help decay and breakdown wastes. You should also suspend feeding so you don’t stress the entire system.

As for low oxygen levels, simply allow for aeration over the surface of the aquarium tank so that more dissolved oxygen enters the water.

May 30, 2013

How to Solve Problems Associated with Aquarium Setups

Following the challenges we have in our ecosystem today especially with marine life and excessive fishing in our waters; it has become paramount we contribute to the amount of fishes meant for human consumption. This means that we have to set up aquariums for raising fishes.

Raising fishes in an aquarium has very high economic benefits; however, this also comes with its attendant challenges. Here, we look at some of the problems and their solutions.

You will observe that most of the problems have to do with the quality of water in which the fishes are raised in. The truth is that water is the most important part of successfully managing an aquarium.


Growth of Algae

As long as you are raising fishes in an aquarium, you are going to experience algal growth. The challenge may not be in making the aquarium tank completely free of algae, but rather being able to control its growth.

To reduce or eliminate algae, you simply control what they need to grow – sunlight and food. You can also introduce fishes as well as snails that feed on algae. This way they are reduced drastically in the aquarium tank.

Green or Cloudy Water

You can experience unclear waters in your aquarium for some certain reasons. It could be as a result of fine particles. These usually settle down after some time or days. Dissolved minerals also contribute to cloudiness in your tank.

When this happens, check the pH of the water; if it is high, then you will have to lower it using special water pH conditioner. You can also decide to change your source of water.

These are not the only challenges you might encounter, but as your experience grows, you’ll be able to handle more as they come.

May 20, 2013

Recycled Paper Can End Deforestation

It is no longer news that we are losing our forests every day, and at the root of this is deforestation from paper manufacturers. There has been an increase in the demand of paper, and the impact is showing in our forests. The paper manufacturers rightly claim that forests are renewable, but we also know they could take over fifty years to mature. So how renewable is that?

However, recycled paper is great in that it helps reduce the need for deforestation, thereby promoting green living. But again it has obvious limits, and so cannot really compete with the regular paper.

The problem lies in the way the recycled paper looks and feels. Although this can be improved, it comes at the expense of extensive bleaching and processing. This makes it expensive and even unsuitable for the environment because of the bleaching processes.


Nevertheless, this may not be so anymore. The Bamboo tree may be able to produce paper that can favorably compete with the normal paper, though this will be achieved with the addition of other materials in the production process.

But the good news is that it will go a long way to reducing the dependence on the forest trees for paper when it is fully harnessed. Considering that the Bamboo takes just about five to grow to maturity, and the fact that it may not even qualify as a tree – with its hollow stem, it becomes a great alternative to the solid stem trees that take decades to mature.

Apr 28, 2013

Solar Power System in the Home

With the so many alternatives for fossil fuel developing in recent years, solar energy has become very popular especially for use in homes. It is important to know how solar power systems work and possibly how to set them up.2KW-On-Grid-Home-Solar-Power-System

There are so many companies that now produce solar panels, and even at reduced prices. Having these solar energy products in your home will really save a lot of money for you, because the source of energy keeps renewing itself as it is coming from the sun.

It is so convenient because once you set up the solar energy system; it continues to generate electricity without the monthly costs associated with the regular source of power.

This is the major reason most people today are looking at ways of using solar energy in their homes; and in the near future, it is going to increase significantly. So it makes sense to start using it as soon as possible, we hope that very soon some homes could become completely independent of the power companies.

Whether these power companies accept this truth or not, is yet to be clear. But the earlier they realize that solar energy will soon become the main source of electricity in homes, the better for them and their business viability.

You can easily find companies selling solar products online. Ask questions and find out the best products that suits your home the most. You don’t have to try replacing the normal source of power all at once; it has to be a gradual process.

Make sure you make appropriate considerations before you install the solar system; however, we all know it is a much better alternative to fossil power in the long run.

Apr 28, 2013

Nuclear Energy – How Feasible?

The incidents of the Fukushima disaster are still fresh in the memory, especially to those in Japan and other eastern countries. There have also been other nuclear disasters recorded in history. This explains why so many people are against the use of nuclear energy.Oil Refinery

Looking at countries that actually have the resources to implement nuclear power plants, it seems as though they really just have no option but to use it. Japan for example, are already looking at restarting their use nuclear power plant considering the economy and the need to keep business and commerce going in the country.

Also, China’s pollution from their coal plants has become very severe in the atmosphere. And now they just need to figure out an alternative way of generating electricity, so people can at least have fresh air to breathe.

The challenges posed by producing energy through nuclear plants have been identified: the cost, its safety, managing its waste and the risk of proliferation.

Taking a closer look at those challenges, it is possible to develop technologies that can eliminate the risks associated with nuclear energy. They will be developed as small reactors that can take care of cost, safety and managing of the nuclear wastes.

The small reactors will also use up to 95% of the nuclear fuel, preventing the unused fuel from accumulating for a long time.

Really, the time has come for the world to begin looking at the possibility of harnessing nuclear energy as a source of power.

Mar 28, 2013

Switching Energy Providers Can Save the Environment & Boost the Balance Sheet

As a business, you are well aware that monthly expenses can quickly add up. While you may always be looking for ways to save money, it is safe to say that some expenses sneak by on a regular basis.

When was the last time you took a close look at how much you are spending on energy costs? Like many business owners, your answer may be the same: never.

stove gas

Fortunately, it is not too late to change your ways. Did you know that there are two primary benefits of switching energy providers?

  • The ability to do your part in saving the environment
  • The opportunity to save money and subsequently boost your balance sheet

Despite the fact that this may sound like a lot of work, nothing could be further from the truth. Believe it or not, changing from one energy provider to another is a simple task. Here are three steps to follow as you get started:

  1. Take note of how much you are paying on your energy bills right now.
  2. Make a list of other companies, hopefully finding at least two to compare to your current provider.
  3. Begin the comparison process, looking for the company that offers the lowest price without taking away anything in terms of service.

You may be in position to save up to 70 percent on your business energy bills. Doing so is as simple as turning to an online comparison tool, such as the one offered by

With this tool, it is simple to get an online quote for your company’s gas and electric supplies. In short, all you have to do is enter your current supplier’s information. From there, you will find yourself in position to compare all major companies offering service in your area.

Tip: when switching energy providers for your business, e.g. from British Gas to EDF, make sure you are receiving a commercial rate quote. This is not the same as residential rates.

Making a Change

At some point, you may realise that you are spending too much money on your current energy bills. This is when you will seriously consider changing to another supplier. The process for doing so is simple.

Once you know which company you want to work with in the future, you can contact them to express your intentions. At the same time, you will want to contact your current supplier to explain that you will be switching to a competitor.

Note: make sure your new service can be turned on immediately following your current service being turned off. This way you don’t have to go a single day without electricity or gas.

When you switch energy providers at your place of business, you can save the environment while improving your bottom line. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Oct 22, 2012

Latest market reports show spurt in fertilizers and agrochemicals in traditional and emerging markets

One of the bare essentials no matter how advanced our civilization and technology become is food and that is precisely the reason why the fertilizers and agrochemicals industry has done so consistently well in the past decade or two. That growth story though took a slight detour and a small pause in 2009, when the global economic setback ensured that the brakes were put on the growth story.

fertilizers and agrochemicalsThe setback though now seems only a minor glitch as the fertilizers and agrochemicals market has registered a constant growth in the past two years and the same is expected to continue till 2017.

Fertilizer prices have gone up steadily in the last few years along with prices of agricultural tools and supporting technology. The high agricultural prices have given the industry a constant growth rate of around 3.3 percent that is set to continue around a similar mark for the next 5 years.

In fact, the total revenue for the year of 2012 is being modestly calculated as $147.2 billion, which is already 2.2 percent up from the total revenue garnered by fertilizers and agrochemicals in 2011.

Of course, the biggest strength of the industry is the expanding markets and constant demand that should ensure that the upswing continues without any hindrance.

The growth of the fertilizer and agrochemicals industry is expected to draw largely from the new markets that will open up in Asia and South America over the next decade or so. This along with strong traditional markets that are also looking for new ways to further increase crop yield should help significantly. Since neither is global population going to recede and nor is the necessity to feed more hungry mouths, there really is little that can go wrong for the industry.

That’s aid, growing energy prices, volatile economies and supply and demand disparity will be still concerns that would give an odd jitter or two to those invested in this sector. Despite that, it is a certain thumbs up when it comes to the road ahead for the sector.

Oct 5, 2012

Pena Will Go for Energy Reform in 2013



NEW YORK  – The energy reform that would allow private investment in Pemex is “at hand” and may be approved in 2013, said Luis Videgaray, head of the transition team of President-elect of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

In a note published Thursday by The Wall Street Journal, Videgaray said the next government plans to send the energy reform bill Congress just finished negotiating the budget.

“Hopefully, we will do early next year,” and although he did not elaborate on how exactly would reform, he said that would open the sector to private investment in capital and technology.

He stated that there are plans in the new government to restructure the economy and to confront the powerful unions and entrenched corporate interests in the political architecture of the country, according to the newspaper.

“I am personally convinced that the lack of competition is one of the key elements that prevent the growth of Mexico. Not only in telecommunications, but in many sectors of the economy where we have a high degree of concentration,” he said.

One plan of Peña Nieto, who will take office on the 1st of December, is to create specialized courts, and a commitment to run for the next six years “consistent government policies and actions relating to competition”.

Specialized courts in competition cases would reduce the time that decisions are taken in the matter, because that would be composed of judges who would know the subject in depth, Videgaray explained.




Jun 7, 2012

Quebec Wants to Reduce Emissions by 20%


Quebec will provide the bulk of investment in its Action Plan 2013-2020 on Climate Change (PACC 2020) to the transport sector, which alone emits 43% of all emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the province.

Of the $ 2.7 billion investment that will be granted at PACC 2020, two thirds, or about $ 1.8 billion will be spent on transport sector, including to promote public transit or carpooling develop.

The PACC 2020 will be self-financed from the carbon market and the fuel levy and fossil fuels, which has been extended until 2014.

“It works as a formula. The proof is done. There will revaluations to be made, but we are committed to a policy that can not stop, “said Premier Jean Charest.

The plan sets 30 priorities for action, particularly in the field of sustainable mobility, land use and energy.

Grants to spend oil heating to geothermal, wind, hydroelectric and solar power are also provided for.

The overall objective is to reduce 20% GHG emissions by 2020 compared to the reference year of 1990.

GHG emissions in Quebec have reached a historic peak in 2003 to 6.8% above the 1990 level. The level of GHG then decreased by 8.7% to in 2009 to 2.5% below the 1990 level, according to information from the government.


Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation have found that this plan is “interesting, but incomplete” and that he will not, in their view, to achieve the goals by 2020.

The PACC 2020, however, contain in their opinion of “interesting things”, as Quebec’s participation in the carbon market and a commitment to devote two-thirds of this funding to the development of public transit. The Société de transport de Montreal (STM) for its part welcomed the measures announced.

“By dedicating two-thirds of the Green Fund, including public transit, the Quebec government confirms one of the components of the cocktail of measures that will enable us to provide funding for public transit, said Michel Labrecque, Chairman of Directors of the STM. This is good news confirming the central role of public transportation in reducing GHG emissions in Québec. ”

WWF was pleased “to see that Quebec wants to retain its role as a leader in Canada in regards to the fight against climate change, said Marie-Claude Lemieux, Director for Quebec WWF-Canada. It is imperative for Quebec to reduce emissions from the transport sector if it wants to achieve the 2020 target. ”

The Quebec Association of fight against air pollution (AQLPA), Greenpeace Quebec and Nature Québec have however said “overall disappointment” of this action plan.

The government is to “miss the boat,” according to André Bélisle, president of AQLPA plan since it identifies only the third of measures to achieve these targets.

“After missing the Kyoto targets for 2008-2012, the Quebec government is mired in contradictions and may miss its 2020 target,” he said.


Mar 14, 2012

Employment and sustainable development will end up with poverty, says Ban

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for new policies to boost job creation and financing mechanisms for sustainable development as the top two recipes to break the “vicious circle” of poverty and discrimination. So what Ban said at the opening of a new high-level meeting of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with Bretton Woods institutions and World Trade Organization (WTO) to be held at the headquarters of the agency in New York. “Poverty, discrimination and violence feeds on itself,” said UN chief, who said to the audience that promote economic development, employment and trade, and finance sustainable development “is key” to end the “vicious circle”.

“Employment is a critical aspect,” he reiterated

Thus, said jobs “decent and productive,” serve to protect families from hunger and poverty, because “help create a generation of consumers, people with purchasing power can help increase demand.” The other of the great pillars of the recipe Ban poverty is sustainable development, and General Secretary reminded those present that have the power to make it a “success” the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio + 20, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June. “We are one hundred days to the Rio summit, one hundred days for a once in a generation. We need to agree on sustainable solutions for building the future we want in terms of development, economics and equality, “said the head of the UN.

Commitment to sustainable development

thus reiterating its call on governments to commit to the appointment of Rio, stressed that sustainable development is synonymous with “nutrition, safe water and sanitation” for communities, and advocated public policy that promote economic development “without polluting the environment.” Ban, who opted to continue investing in clean technologies, said the new high-level meeting of ECOSOC comes at a time of “uncertainty” world in which the review the lower growth forecasts, particularly in developed countries, “threaten the fragile recovery.” Moreover, the South Korean diplomat took again to remember the changes “dramatic” that have occurred worldwide in the last twelve months said the “awakening” lived in the Arab world has come to reveal “the power of people to write history.”

Jan 23, 2012

Cardboard furniture: cheap and green

Cardboard furniture is first made of cardboard …. So let’s start there.

What is cardboard?

The carton is made of cellulose from wood and often recycled materials. The wood can come from sustainably managed forests. The kraft is purchased in rolls transported by sea, rail or road.

The material is corrugated Kraft in our partner factories certified ISO 14001, with water-based glue. Ink and wash water passing through the treatment plant site and are reused in a closed circuit. The waterproof membrane such tables is obtained by applying a varnish food starch-based non-toxic.

Many cardboard furniture are made in France. They are 100% recyclable and reusable because their installation is done by folding and interlocking, no glue or other assembly materials such staples, screws, nails etc..

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Jan 23, 2012

LED 4G launches new range of LED ribbons

The French specialist in LED lamp starts at the beginning of the year, a new range of flexible LED ribbons. For those who have yet to meet such’éclairage, LED tape is a very flexible band (self-adhesive or simply fixable) covered with LEDs.

The tapes led to the brand LED 4G are intended mainly for the interior and exterior lighting of dwellings or businesses. This new range offers a choice to install an innovative lighting design and offering a warm atmosphere. These tapes allow LEDs to balance design and low power because their power is limited to 2.4 watts per meter.

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