Jan 23, 2012

Cardboard furniture: cheap and green

Cardboard furniture is first made of cardboard …. So let’s start there.

What is cardboard?

The carton is made of cellulose from wood and often recycled materials. The wood can come from sustainably managed forests. The kraft is purchased in rolls transported by sea, rail or road.

The material is corrugated Kraft in our partner factories certified ISO 14001, with water-based glue. Ink and wash water passing through the treatment plant site and are reused in a closed circuit. The waterproof membrane such tables is obtained by applying a varnish food starch-based non-toxic.

Many cardboard furniture are made in France. They are 100% recyclable and reusable because their installation is done by folding and interlocking, no glue or other assembly materials such staples, screws, nails etc..

The different types of cardboard used for making furniture and decorative accessories in box:

– Corrugated double corrugated: made from five sheets of kraft based on 100% recycled fibers.

– Cardboard Mini-Micro: single face corrugated micro flute with a mini apparent, consisting of two sheets of kraft based on 100% recycled fiber, water-based glue and starch (eg vases)

– Micro mini corrugated board with a groove, consisting of three sheets of kraft made from 100% recycled fiber, water-based glue and starch. (Eg the Eiffel Tower miniatures and cards)

– Microbes: two mini corrugated flutes, composed of five sheets of kraft fiber-based 100% recycled

– Compact Kraft, charcoal gray and Celloderme ecocard: carton high density, rigid, non-brittle, with good bendability. Based on long fiber cellulose 100% recycled. Treatment Lamasse: resin glue, starch, colors.

Cardboard is: mono material, recycled, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and compostable

The attraction ecological cardboard is a flagship eco-design. Indeed the manufactured product from a manufacturing environment-friendly 80 to 100% of the raw material comes from recycled materials clean. It gives you a healthy furniture (no VOC emissions, for example). It is durable: we estimate the duration of a cardboard chair for children over 10 years. And infinite, and it recyclable and produces no pollution for its destruction.

The attraction fun: This product is flexible: it sold flat mounts easily by fitting. Also you can cut such offices, tables and shelves to the height that suits you. In addition all our products are customizable cardboard to infinity by your own care (preferring oil painting green as “Auro”) or by us in hot stamping, screen printing and offset against collage or stickers.

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