Dec 12, 2014

Canadians Spending Their Winters In Florida

Snowbirds. To a Florida native, it used to become a derisive term for those retirees that flood the Florida coast when the winters turn cold up North but these days, snowbirds are being viewed a little differently. Many staffing agencies and medical facilities are deliberately hiring snowbirds to help fill their seasonal staffing needs. In many cities in Florida, the need for nurses fluctuates with the season, creating spikes in the available Florida nursing jobs during the best times to visit Florida.

This is great news for registered nurses who’re in the search for a change of pace, or just a warm place to hang their hats during the cold winter months. September through April is prime time for travel nursing assignments in Florida. There are hundreds of positions that need to be filled during those months. The assignments include nearly every specialty in the medical field, including nurse practitioners, licensed practical and vocational nurses and nurse therapists in a wide range of areas. Nurses with experience in gerontology are especially in demand, as are those that can be flexible about scheduling and job preference.

The busy season for camping in Florida are the fall and winter months. Florida is pretty much warm all year. Northern states, in the winter months, are usually engulfed in a cold blanket, making vacations seem un-inviting. That is, if you’re not into skiing. Most people envision a warm, sunny place to relax and kick back, when they think of taking a vacation. Perhaps that is why Florida is known for its Snowbirds. Snowbirds are Northerners that live here in the winter months and go back up north in the summer months. Who could blame them; this way they achieve the best of both areas year round.

Because the increase in Florida nursing jobs is cyclical, many health care giants in the hospital industry have started skipping the agency middleman and now provide their own snowbird programs. An employee of one major national hospital company may choose to spend six months of the year working for a hospital in Rhode Island to be near family, then retire’ to Florida for six months and work in a Miami hospital when the northern winds blow.

What sorts of Florida nursing jobs are available for snowbirds? Just about any kind of nursing job you can imagine. Most jobs require a current license, and one to two years of current experience. There are Florida nursing jobs available in ER, trauma units, ob, and med and surgical floors-gyn. If you prefer to work outside a hospital setting, Florida offers nursing jobs in outpatient medical management, hospice care, home care, and residential nursing care. With its multitude of theme parks, you will even find Florida nursing jobs on site for such well known names as Disney, Six Flags, and Busch Gardens. There are nursing jobs available in Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Pensacola, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Jacksonville and that’s just some of the many cities that have open Florida nursing jobs.

Florida is easily one of the more popular destinations for travel nurses. However, there are likewise many positions for full-time year round nurses in the Sunshine State. If living in the sunniest state in the Union appeals to you, then take a look at what a Florida nursing job can offer you.

Whether you want is a vacation from a recurring seasonal position, your everyday job, or a permanent, full time career, you will find what you are looking for among the wide open range of Florida nursing jobs.

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