Apr 7, 2012

Blue Crane (Grus paradisea)

Did you know?

That the Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa and listed on your 5-cent coin? There were also several stamps of South Africa showing the blue crane.

The blue crane is a crane with tertiary silvery blue-gray hanging extremely long (wing feathers), almost touching the ground. This tertiary often confused with tail feathers. Its head is completely feathered, without patches of red skin as in most other crane species. This is a relatively small crane, with a height of about 117 cm and weighing 5.1 kg. The crown above the forehead and cheeks are very light gray, sometimes almost white. Subsequent cheeks, ear coverts and nape are ash gray, the feathers loose and lengthened (profile type “Cobra”). The feathers of the lower neck are long and pointed, the neck is bluish gray. Both upper and lower parts are bluish gray. The wings are gray or bluish gray, blackish near the tip and the tail is blackish to black. The legs and feet are also gray or black. There is marked sexual dimorphism.


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