Mar 20, 2015


Beauty of forests and the satisfactions of walking through it, smelling the flora, seeing the insects moving about and the chirping of the birds, this is where man was destined to live, the guy was not born to reside in cities, but in the lap of nature and this is what we call the biodiversity. A variety of kinds of life within a whole planet are known as biodiversity. The biological diversity consists of a big variety of types of animals, plants and microorganisms, the variant genes in varied species and the variety of ecosystems. However the problem that the people are dealing with is the shrinking of the biodiversity. Biodiversities are diminishing in sizes due to the various anthropogenic activities. The step that we have to take is biodiversity conservation.

The definition of biodiversity is generally accepted as the variety of all life kinds on the world – plants, animals, micro-organisms and the ecosystems they exist in.

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