Oct 13, 2017

How to Have Better Communication With Your Clients

One of the most important things in any business relationship is communication. If one party is either not comfortable or not able to clearly share information with the other, errors and misunderstandings can easily result. Such problems can lead to significant issues in a business relationship and sometimes even cause it to collapse.

Is your firm experiencing difficulties communicating clearly with your clients? Have a look at the following strategies and see which would work for you:

Engender a human connection

Who are you more likely to trust: a casual acquaintance or an old friend? Don’t just be a voice on the phone or an email in the inbox. Make appointments so you can meet in person. This shows that you care, respect their time, and appreciate the business.

Know the right time to communicate

Early on in the business relationship, it is important to keep communicating on a regular basis in order to get everything in place for the future. As a relationship continues, and you get to know each other quite well, you can rely less on such communication because you will be able to take certain things for granted.

Know the right form of communication to use

If something is of major importance, never send it to a client in an email. Request an in-person meeting to relay this particular news. Email is rapid and effective, but if you rely on it too much or for things that are of particular note, it can seem like you are not giving a client a sufficient amount of your time and consideration for this to be a relationship of equal stature.

Always follow up promptly

Even if you are quite busy, it is imperative to provide timely, detailed, and accurate responses to any kind of inquiry. This reflects that the client’s association with you is of great importance and that you care about their time and business.

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