Jul 31, 2017

Basic Hygiene for Men

There can be a certain rugged appeal to any man who does not automatically confirm to the social norms of grooming. Walking around with a two day growth of beard, a torn shirt, and strategically ripped jeans can make you stand out from the pack in a way that others find to be enticingly sexy.

However, it is also possible to go too far in that direction, particularly if a lack of basic hygiene leaves you smelling rather ripe. Men tend not to be as vigilant when it comes to this basic task, so here are some tips you can use as reminders:


Whether you are working hard on the job, playing some sports with the guys, or just forgot to shower yesterday, guys can start to smell pretty unpleasant after awhile. Even worse, we are less likely to notice our own odors than the ones given off by other people. Use deodorant and shower every day, and do your laundry regularly so that you always have something clean to put on.

Nose and Ear Hair

Having excess hair growing out of your nose or ears is just plain unappealing. As guys age, it can even start growing on your ears. Keep a trimmer handy and remember to check those areas each morning.

Bad Breath

Depending on your diet and whether or not you smoke, your breath can be pretty rank. Be sure to gargle each morning and carry some breath mints on your person. Also, brush and floss your teeth three times daily.


Men often use cologne to mask other smells they might not have noticed. Unfortunately, using too much can be just as offensive to others.


Those pesky white flakes can really mar your appearance, especially if you like to wear dark colored clothing. If you have dandruff, use a dandruff shampoo each morning.

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