May 24, 2012

Australian Tree Frog (Litoria splendida)


Did you know?

That the males of Litoria splendida produce a substance that is released into the water to attract female species?

The Australian Tree Frog is a large tree frog that is 10 cm in length. It has dark olive color schemes to bright green on its back, with yellow or white spots scattered. The inner surfaces of the forelegs, hind legs and groin are bright orange yellow. The belly is white and granular. A large gland completely covers the top of the head. The skin of the back is smooth. They have three fingers that are slightly webbed. The color of the species may vary depending on the region where they are.

The Litoria splendida breeds in the early rainy season with the onset of monsoon rains (December and January). A female lays eggs on average about 1,000, floating in groups and forming a single layer on the water surface. The larvae takes from 1 to 4 months to develop, depending on when the eggs were laid.

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