Aug 12, 2013

Alps, Antarctica and Changes

Climate and global warming have now started to go hand in hand or is it the other way around> In any way, the debate remains the same. Recent changes in the climate and the latitudinal shifts have caused rise in temperatures in some areas which could possibly lead to global warming. Well, the ozone is more important than oxygen in this case. We need oxygen to suffice on earth, but if the ozone layer gets depleted, we would not even still live anyway.

The ozone layer is a protective layer built around the globe in order to save the earth either from the harsh rays of the Sun. Since this is all very basic here, let us discuss some basic changes that came across within the last ten years in the history of climate and unkempt global warming.


The European Alps have been lucky to have a dignity of their own in the face of the Alpine trees. However, recently, general warming has caused a shift of about 1-4 meters as reported to occur every decade due to the possibility.

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Also, Antarctica has been experiencing distributional changes on the large scale due to the settling of liquid water and increased temperatures. Antarctica is considered to be the only continent where the floating of tonnes of icebergs is supposed to be quite apart from abnormality. However, as recent studies pose tough problems, one could see the icy continent possessing little liquid water which also supports the part that temperatures have been way far from the original.

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