Apr 9, 2012

Alinaranja Amazon (Amazona amazonica)

Did you know?

That Alinaranja Amazon male is eating for two, for himself and the female, while incubating the eggs and feed the pigeons? The male regurgitates the food for the female to eat it.

This medium-sized Amazon has a total length of 31-33 cm and a weight of about 300-470g. The plumage is mostly green with a yellow patch on the crown and cheeks. The blue color is separated from the front of the head, while the throat is tinged with blue green. The bases of the secondary feathers are orange. The central tail feathers are green, while the feathers on the side of the tail are green with yellowish green tips. The inner surfaces of the wings are orange red with dark green. The bill is horn in color, becoming dark gray near the tip. The eye ring is white-gray. 

During the day, the Alinaranja Amazon usually travels in pairs. However at night, they congregate in large numbers (often several hundred) to sleep in communal roosts. Like other Amazons, the alinaranja nests can be found in natural cavities of trees or in former woodpecker holes. A clutch can have up to 5 eggs. They feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, buds and leaf buds.

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