Feb 19, 2014

A Real-world Discussion About Global Warming

There has been a great deal of talk on the issue of global warming. Specialists believe that human work in the past 50 years have given a negative boost to climate change. After a long list of tests and chart observations, it appears that the primary culprit for global warming is the issuance of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitric oxide). These gases have altered the membership of the atmosphere and raised the planet’s temperature with almost 1?C since 1950.

The problem isn’t that these gases exist. They have always been in the atmosphere. However, there is a great increase in their concentration. The planet started to heat up and the climate change appeared simultaneously with the onset of industrial revolution. Then, at the beginning of a new era, the concentrations of carbon dioxide increased with nearly 30 %, methane almost doubled and nitrous oxide with 15% making global warming a serious, even deadly matter.

And even more..

These figures are truly concerning due to the reality that we rely on fossil fuels to drive, to heat and to power factories not thinking of the harsh reality: burned fossil fuels are the main cause of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming and speed up the rate of climate change.

But wait!

Still, the combustion of fuel isn’t the only person to blame for global warming. Researchers consider that the evolution of agriculture, deforestation, industrial production, mining, and landfills are also to blame. Each one of them has ‘helped’ induce large, global, abrupt climate change leading to a warmer planet, making it harder for us to live.

Global Warming: And so much more…

We are all threathened by this sudden climate change. Global warming isn’t a joke and we should start paying greater attention to it. Forests, Not only wildlife, and coastal areas are exposed to the climate change that the greenhouse gas may bring, but also water resources, animals and most important our health.

What should we expect from global warming? First of all, a change that will have a significant impact on the way we live will be a warmer weather. Climate change will appear in the shape of increased precipations worldwide, with acid rainfalls that will damage the natural habitat, with more frequent and intense storms that will build up and result in powerful hurricanes. And this is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’ called global warming. The hurricanes will be stronger than usual with greater devastating powers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to reduce the impact of global warming. Lately, in order to predict climate change, specialists have put up what is known as an emission inventory which registers the amount of air pollutants in the atmosphere. It also establishes the identity of the polluting agent (chemical/physical), the time period over which emissions are appreciated, the geographic area covered, and the kinds of activities that cause the emissions. This way, the scientific community is making an attempt to reduce the grave consequences of global warming.

Still, to make things clearer for everyone, global warming is the rise in the Earth’s surface temperature, in both land and water. This is caused by several factors, all of which chiefly boil down to human intervention. Firstly, global warming is caused by liberation and accumulation of many pollutants and noxious substances-the by-product of human endeavour-into the atmosphere. Secondly, global warming is caused by massive deforestation of loggers. People lack agents that help regulate and produce clean air without these plants and trees. Thirdly, global warming is caused by man’s heavy use of electronics that contribute to radioactive emissions.

In order for a person to understand the importance of knowing what global warming is and what causes it’s for him to simply watch or read the news. The recurring natural calamities that persons have been experiencing in all parts of the world are the reasons for the people need to concern themselves with global warming.

People must know that global warming is the reason why glaciers have been melting. In turn, glacier meltdown is a factor towards the rise in sea levels resulting to floods and erosions. Moreover, global warming is why there have been sudden unexpected forest fires and droughts. Further, global warming is the reason why animals have been migrating or becoming extinct due to changes in their natural habitat. Finally, global warmingexplains why human lives have been lost and properties devastated. In spite of these, some might still argue that global warming is a continuing process so it couldn’t be happening yet at this time. This is surely true. However, people are remind that the concept is not a new one and the procedure has already started many centuries back.

Another solution for the issue of global warming is recycling. It started years ago in powerful and well developed states and it’s a novelty for poor, undergoing tranzition states that are struggling to survive. But, slowly, people around the world are learning about the strong effects of recycling newspapers, plastic, glass, metal. It is a healthy action that makes the world a better place. By recycling, we not only help ourselves, but also crop yields, the forests, and water supplies which are seriously affected by climate change. We also to bear in mind the animals and the ecosystems-another sector badly damaged by climate change. We make the difference.

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