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Feb 28, 2014

Options Regarding Global Warming

Global warming must be real! After all we have top scientists and even failed presidential candidates who says so. With 86% of Europeans polled stating that they ‘[feel ] that humans [are ] a direct cause of climate change, and 45 percent believed it could serve as a threat to them and their relatives within their lifetimes. Sixty-eight percent indicated that they would either strongly or somewhat support limitations on their buying and behavior in support of combating global warming’ it is only a question of the time for the skeptical Americans to fall victim to more government control. Those polled said it all, they would be ‘either strongly or somewhat support[ing ] limitations on their…behavior’ (Rohinsky) in order to stop a climate threat. This statistic is quite dreadful, not out of the climate threat, but as a result of the vulnerability such beliefs have upon freedoms. By analyzing the character of past theories, scientific studies, and the present evidence for global warming, it will become obvious that global warming isn’t a definitive theory, or even a legitimate one at that, and that the sole aim of such a theory is to allow government to regulate and control every aspect of our lives.

To clearly understand that the sole aim of the idea of global warming is to control us, we should look at some of the fundamental history of the theory. On June 24th, 1972 Time Magazine ran an article titled,’ Another Ice Age. ‘ In this article is reports from the top scientists of the day including Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory stated that the coming ice age was on its way. With reports of 12% increases in ice and snow in the north of the hemisphere, temperature drops of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1940, droughts, cold winters and a full range of climate irregularities, the conclusion was that of a global cooling.

Are You Serious?

When we jump forward a few decades, the s almost no one’s even heard of global cooling, and global warming is the last idea.

All of a sudden, global temperatures had risen, the polar ice caps were melting, and the ozone is nothing less of destroyed. Once again the evidence is lacking, a lot of it is not certain and the only solution for that’s for the fearful citizens of the planet to give up some freedoms in order to fight against pollution, CO2 emissions, destruction of resources that may combat the warming… The list doesn’t end.

Global warming has caused the melting of the polar ice caps in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. The temperatures in these regions have risen about two to three times in comparison to the average temperatures on earth. The polar ice caps have their own important role in the maintenance of the environmental balance. If the these ice caps were to melt, islands which are below sea level may be in danger. Cities like Shanghai and the island nation of Maldives are some places which would be done at the highest risk in such a scenario.

Since the theory of global warming has seen some challenges from a growing number of scientists, the name has once again changed. Now, as even the EPA’s website lists it, it is called ‘Global Climate Change. ‘ Global cooling was proven wrong when we all realized temperatures weren’t staying cool, global warming was proven wrong when the science didn’t add up (as will be considered further in this study), so the only solution for the agencies and government to look to was to rename the same wrong theories of the last with a vague, cover all name that is ‘Global Climate Change. ‘ While it hasn’t been proven global climates are changing, it is vague enough to cover any climate pattern that may seem irregular or unexpected, when in fact chance or timing may be responsible, instead of the tragedy of climate change.

Since global cooling has now been dismissed it isn’t needed to completely debunk that form of climate change, but for global warming, an alarming number of citizens around the world believe in it. In 2007, 82% of Americans believed in global warming, rather stunning considering the fact that a growing number of scientists are voicing opposition to the theory. In 1998 Dr. Arthur Robinson, Director of the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine launched a petition for those who’ve degrees and science qualifications to sign if they’re skeptics of the idea of global warming. 32, 000 individuals with backgrounds in science signed the petition including over 9, 000 with PhD ‘s, far greater than the 2, 500 scientific reviewers the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used in claiming there was a scientific consensus that global warming is real.

The consensus that all the loyal global warming activists and government officials always talk about just isn’t there. They want us to think that the debate is completed and now is the time for action, rather than continued research to actually prove it exists. With such a growing opposition, perhaps it’s important to actually examine the facts to see how the theory has come to be attacked as non-plausible and to see what doesn’t add up to cause such disbelief.

The current debate on global warming is not so much whether it exists, as it’s what’s natural and what’s not. If man didn’t exist on Planet Earth, would global warming exist? Perhaps if we all had a clearer picture about the effects on our everyday lives, we ‘d try to do more about global warming.

Diminishing glaciers, rising sea levels, dying coral reefs, migrating reduced daily temperature fluctuations, plants and animals, and more prominent and frequent ‘extreme precipitation events’ (a great amount of precipitation in a very short amount of time) are all suggested by today’s climate models as a result of global warming. The effects of global warming are accelerated and heightened by war. Should we be worried, as an escalating Middle-East war, even where not yet fought over energy or water, may give us an even shorter time than we have already to marshal resources to address the great threat of global warming.

To start off with, we should respond to the question according to whether the planet is actually warming. Warming is pretty much defined as an increase in temperature. Global of course means all across the globe. For global warming to be real, then we certainly need a warming globe. Common sense really, but then again, common sense might also indicate that the planet is cooling, not warming. For a decade now, 10 years, the planet has experienced cooling (Carter). 1998 was the last year in which warming occurred and since then, including last year the global temperatures have cooled and show no sign of warming this year either.

Temperatures since 2005 have dropped so drastically that all the warming that occurred since the 1980’s was canceled out. When a fan to the global warming cause hears these facts they commonly say,’ ‘how silly to judge climate change over such a brief period’. Yet in the next breath, the same person will tell you that the 28-year-long period of warming which occurred between 1970 and 1998 constitutes a dangerous (and man-made) warming’ (Carter). They also mention that of course some cooling would have to occur when you start tallying after 1998, since 1998 was a record high year. Well they’re forgetting to mention the fact that 1998 was such a record high year because it was a El Nino year. This is a natural cycle that leads to higher temperatures. As they forget to mention the fact that, we also ignore the fact that they too use the cooling of 1965 as their base line. Something else to consider is that the warmest year in recent history in North America was in 1934.

Weather has never been constant, so of course temperatures are going to grow and lower over the years. We should consider that ‘warming occurred between 1918 and 1940, well prior to the maximum phase of world industrialization, and that cooling occurred between 1940 and 1965. ‘ Periods of warming and cooling occur naturally, it isn’t global climate change or global warming, it is called ‘weather. ‘

Global warming as a process is thought to be very devastating in terms of its impact on the climate. ‘ Climate change’ is a phrase which is often use in conjunction with global warming. It has potentially catastrophic impact on the world under which we live. ‘ Climate change’ also covers global cooling. This can also occur as a consequence of human activity and greenhouse gases, and reflects a substantial change in the world’s climate, which could change our habitat beyond recognition. This could be characterised by unusual weather patterns, resulting in more frequent natural disasters. These could in turn lead to political and social chaos in the decades and centuries to come.

As we’re deceived and said that the planet is warming, we’re also being misled on evidence to support it as well. The most common myth is that the ice caps are melting and our sea level will rise. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported that there existed an increase of 9.4 %, or 390, 000 square kilometres of ice coverage in the year 2008 over 2007. Despite these facts we always see photographs of ice caps being split down the middle, suggesting out ice caps are outright being broken up and vanishing.

As ‘scientists’ parade around with their false facts of warming and melting ice caps, they can not fail to also announce how we’re destroying the coral reefs, polar bears are dying, and pursuant to a 2003 study ‘published in the journal Nature, colleagues analyzed numerous studies involving wild plant and animals for changes due to global warming. Out of the nearly 1, 500 species examined, the researchers found that about 1, 200 exhibited temperature-related changes consistent with what scientists would expect if they were being affected by global warming’ (Than). Considering the fact that scientists went into the study with assumptions on what the effects were (almost as though they were going to obtain the results they wanted no matter what they saw), they couldn’t scientifically prove what caused the so-called effects.

Everything we hear concerning global warming has to do with doom and gloom. Ice is melting, sea levels are rising, animals are dying, and life is changing, the only thing we can do to stop the chaos, is to take steps to end the warming. Despite there being no consensus and no real evidence that this warming exists, what the effects would be if it did exist or whether it could even be reversed, governments and agencies all appear to have ideas to curb our freedoms in the name of bridging the world. Why is it that every aspect of our life must be controlled? Not a single thing goes unregulated if global warming exists.

Global warming is a realistic threat to the existence of life on earth. The unprecedented rise in earth’s average temperature is a cause for worry. Moreover, the rise in temperature is expected to continue along the same rate, if some urgent steps aren’t taken immediately. Global warming has already affected the profile of climate in many places. Many of the recent floods, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to be a direct effect of this phenomenon. Global warming is also helps to the gradual rise in sea level in many places in the world. A collective effort on the share of all us is what is necessary to stop global warming.

The Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) that the Environmental Protection Agency (APA) released early in the year would give them the right to place a price tag on greenhouse gas emissions. Not excluded from this taxation of natural processes is our livestock. In New York,’ The tax for dairy cattle could be $175 per cow, and $87.50 per head of beef cows. The tax on hogs would upwards of $20 per hog,’ the release said. ‘ Any operation with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would have to obtain permits’ (Poor). This massive tax upon farmers would cost New York farmers alone $110 million dollars a year, effectively harming the American farm industry, giving the global competitors an upper hand and leaving American consumers having to pay the cost (Gregg). Common sense economics will show that as price goes up, demand goes down, effectively regulating how many animals farmers own, and regulating what the consumer buys.

Taxing livestock wouldn’t be the only new regulations we see. A popular idea proposed by those internal affairs of the global warming hoax is the submission of the carbon tax. ‘ A carbon tax would be given whenever a molecule of carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Utilities would pay it based on their smokestack emissions and pass the cost to consumers in their monthly electric bill. Each of us would pay it when we fill up with gas, based on the substance of fossil carbon in the fuel’ (Schlesinger). Once again, in the name of fighting global warming we have a tax that would force companies to have to increase their prices to consumers if they want to continue running business the way they were. As companies are essentially blackmailed into investing their money in ‘green technologies’ to look for ways to reduce emissions, the consumer is left to foot the bill. This tax is nothing but telling companies what to invest in or telling them they must raise the price upon the consumer. It is a regulative policy that strips away freedoms from investors, consumers and companies to supposedly curb the carbon emissions that is causing a warming that hasn’t even been proven to exist.

Global warming although never proven, is already gaining land in the taxation side of regulation. The regulation won’t end there though. In California all new car models as of 2009 must display a label that states its ‘global warming score. ‘ While lawmakers claim it is suppose to be about public awareness, ‘a law endorsed by the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety would make governments put a monetary cost on the emissions of vehicles they plan to purchase, and add that to expense calculations’ (Greenbiz). The car regulation isn’t ending with just labeling society and adding expenses, in 2002 California led the way with forcing companies to produce certain cars. Assembly Bill 1493 is currently facing legal challenges from auto makers who’re quite honestly, not satisfied with having the freedom to manufacture cars of their choosing removed. They are now being legally forced to make cars that ‘reduce global warming emissions’ (California Clean Car Campaign) instead of making cars that consumers demand as the free market determines. The free market deciding how cars should be done makes sense, the people want it, they demand it. California, along with other states now considering such laws, have decided to strip away the free out of market and is now even regulating what type of car we drive.

To many paying a few extra dollars or driving a certain car isn’t a big deal as long as we combat global warming. Those ones usually don’t realize to what extent the regulation can go though. If the planet is in trouble, with ecosystems out of order, food supply being cut off, climate irregular, and entire cities vanishing beneath the rising water, there’s nothing that could be said to avoid the government and their agencies from regulating other parts of our life too in order to save us from ourselves. Karen Coshof, producer of’ The Great Warming,’ said in a Cybercast News Service interview,’ Population is the basic problem-the catalyst for [global warming ]’ (Randall). Now, what is the way to battle the ‘underlying problem? ‘ The answer would be population control. Most are offended when they hear of the Chinese laws setting limits on children for families, with heavy taxation and fines for having too many children, but yet sections of the global warming activists in America advocate population control, and we can only ask ourselves how soon it will be before legislation is put up to a vote as well.

One of the most famous regulative policies concerning global warming is the Kyoto Protocol. ‘ The protocol’s implementation will require such heavy-handed regulation that Andrei Illarionov, the senior economic advisor to President Vladimir Putin who opposed Russia’s ratification of Kyoto, sees it as a recrudescence of the command economy. Appealing last week to Mr Blair to listen more to informed sceptics, he asked :’ Have there been any international agreements to limit economic development and development before Kyoto? Yes, there were two: Communism and Nazism. ‘ Many economists have determined that Kyoto would cost America billions of dollars, as a question of fact. Japan alone would be out $500 billion to cut emissions 12 times (only once) (Johnson). Through regulative policies that would determine what can and can only be produced, how it can and can only be produced, what jobs we can and can only have, what companies can and can not succeed, what investors lose or gain, it is comforting to know that Kyoto would have only reduced global temperatures by 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit. So much regulation to control global warming, and like the presence of global warming, the results of Kyoto will just not exist.

We have been raised to believe in global warming. It is in out schools, media, movies, and our professors love to espouse it. They would have us believe that global warming is, in fact, a scientific consensus, all while constantly changing the name of the climate theory, but yet a growing number of skeptics are speaking out and the evidence to sustain the so-called warming is just not there. When you combine that with the fact that everything about the theory of global warming just coincidently allows the government and other agencies to control and regulate all areas of our life, you have the operation of a fraud.

If global warming it to exist in our mind, they can raise our taxes, tell us what animals to own, raise prices on livestock, rise the prices of consumer goods, tell us what industries succeed or fail, determine what investments make money or not, regulate what we drive and take away companies freedom to manufacture based upon the free market, and even go as far as regulate our breeding. Not a single aspect of our life will be spared from regulation in some manner. We as a society have already said that we would be ready to give up our freedoms to fight global warming if it threatened us. They already have us confident that it exists, now the only thing left is owned by the threat to be highlighted. The science and history is against global warming, giving us citizens a wish that the world will open their eyes and see global warming as a regulative fraud.

Feb 24, 2014

Clarifying Solar Energy

Scientists tell us that our sun is dying. It will, in time, run out of fuel, cool down and expand into a red giant. But as that is going to take approximately 5 billion years, we have plenty of time to enjoy the solar energy which it currently provides.

Another important role of the batteries is intended to provide a current higher than the photovoltaic device can deliver for some cases: This is the event of an engine which in the boot time can use a current of 4-6 times its rated current for a few seconds.

More Information On This Solar Energy Topic!

The sun is a great ball of atomic activity. This emits solar energy in the shape of light and heat. This energy travels through space to the planets providing us with daylight and warmth. It is an incredible free gift.


Man has always used solar energy as best he can. Early man learned how to utilize the sun’s heat for drying meat, fruit or fish to prevent them for later eating; the sun baked clay into bricks for building; animal skins were dried for clothing.

Digging Up Secrets About Solar Energy

Later, when man started living in houses, the value of solar energy for heat was much appreciated. There was always at least one room in any castle which faced south, had as big a window as could be done and was called the ‘solar’. It was one room where our ancestors could be warm, thanks to the sun.

Solar thermal is to use heat from solar radiation. It comes in different forms: thermodynamic solar power, cooling, solar cookers, dryers, and hot water and heating. Solar energy is a thermodynamic technique that uses solar energy to generate electricity.

Passive Solar Power: The oldest use of solar power is to benefit the direct input of solar radiation and is called passive solar Power.

For a building that benefits from good sunlight, it must take into consideration the solar energy in the architectural design: double facades, orientation towards the southern and glass surfaces, among others. The thermal insulation plays an important part to optimize the part of the available passive solar heating and lighting. A house or a building which will have passive solar energy contributing to a significant saving energy. Batteries, fans, lamps garden pumps. Today, almost everything can run on solar energy. Since many people carry in their bag a GPS equipped with a solar charger and solar photovoltaic panels on some roofs.

In more recent times, the term Solar energy has taken on a slightly different importance. Modern man uses energy in many forms and prolific quantities. Generally, this energy has been obtained from fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, or oil. These, we now realise, aren’t going to last forever.

Because we have become used to a high degree of energy usage, the thought of doing without is no longer acceptable. Alternative sources of energy are needed. Once again good old sun provides and solar energy is becoming pivotal to our future requirements.

The cost of solar energy is also high compared to non-renewable utility-supplied electricity. As energy shortages are becoming increasingly common, solar energy is becoming more price-competitive.

Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting, available everywhere, isn’t (yet) owned by anyone or any country and is free! It can be used directly to heat air and so provide heat to buildings; this works in the same way to greenhouses. Alternatively, the heat can be collected by solar panels and passed on to heat water for washing or central heating.

Light sensitive devices, called photovoltaic cells, can covert the light from the sun into electricity. They enable solar power to drive an increasing amount of equipment. Initially it was mainly pocket calculators, but now it powers radios, pumps, lights, even cars.

Electricity generated from solar energy can bring power to remote areas and, together with some kind of storage, such as a battery, can light houses or run farm machinery. It is very much cheaper to install than laying miles of electric cables and all the boosters that would be necessary to ensure a supply.

Some companies/authorities are using large arrays of photovoltaic cells to gather and convert solar energy to supply larger areas, on a bigger scale. Some installations are wide enough to provide power for a whole town.

The sun sends its solar energy to earth at a vast rate. It is absorbed by the land, oceans and atmosphere, but lots still gets through to us. It is felt that the sun provides as much solar energy in one hour as the world population uses in a year. This is one great gift and we should seek to use it well.

Feb 19, 2014

A Real-world Discussion About Global Warming

There has been a great deal of talk on the issue of global warming. Specialists believe that human work in the past 50 years have given a negative boost to climate change. After a long list of tests and chart observations, it appears that the primary culprit for global warming is the issuance of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitric oxide). These gases have altered the membership of the atmosphere and raised the planet’s temperature with almost 1?C since 1950.

The problem isn’t that these gases exist. They have always been in the atmosphere. However, there is a great increase in their concentration. The planet started to heat up and the climate change appeared simultaneously with the onset of industrial revolution. Then, at the beginning of a new era, the concentrations of carbon dioxide increased with nearly 30 %, methane almost doubled and nitrous oxide with 15% making global warming a serious, even deadly matter.

And even more..

These figures are truly concerning due to the reality that we rely on fossil fuels to drive, to heat and to power factories not thinking of the harsh reality: burned fossil fuels are the main cause of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming and speed up the rate of climate change.

But wait!

Still, the combustion of fuel isn’t the only person to blame for global warming. Researchers consider that the evolution of agriculture, deforestation, industrial production, mining, and landfills are also to blame. Each one of them has ‘helped’ induce large, global, abrupt climate change leading to a warmer planet, making it harder for us to live.

Global Warming: And so much more…

We are all threathened by this sudden climate change. Global warming isn’t a joke and we should start paying greater attention to it. Forests, Not only wildlife, and coastal areas are exposed to the climate change that the greenhouse gas may bring, but also water resources, animals and most important our health.

What should we expect from global warming? First of all, a change that will have a significant impact on the way we live will be a warmer weather. Climate change will appear in the shape of increased precipations worldwide, with acid rainfalls that will damage the natural habitat, with more frequent and intense storms that will build up and result in powerful hurricanes. And this is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’ called global warming. The hurricanes will be stronger than usual with greater devastating powers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to reduce the impact of global warming. Lately, in order to predict climate change, specialists have put up what is known as an emission inventory which registers the amount of air pollutants in the atmosphere. It also establishes the identity of the polluting agent (chemical/physical), the time period over which emissions are appreciated, the geographic area covered, and the kinds of activities that cause the emissions. This way, the scientific community is making an attempt to reduce the grave consequences of global warming.

Still, to make things clearer for everyone, global warming is the rise in the Earth’s surface temperature, in both land and water. This is caused by several factors, all of which chiefly boil down to human intervention. Firstly, global warming is caused by liberation and accumulation of many pollutants and noxious substances-the by-product of human endeavour-into the atmosphere. Secondly, global warming is caused by massive deforestation of loggers. People lack agents that help regulate and produce clean air without these plants and trees. Thirdly, global warming is caused by man’s heavy use of electronics that contribute to radioactive emissions.

In order for a person to understand the importance of knowing what global warming is and what causes it’s for him to simply watch or read the news. The recurring natural calamities that persons have been experiencing in all parts of the world are the reasons for the people need to concern themselves with global warming.

People must know that global warming is the reason why glaciers have been melting. In turn, glacier meltdown is a factor towards the rise in sea levels resulting to floods and erosions. Moreover, global warming is why there have been sudden unexpected forest fires and droughts. Further, global warming is the reason why animals have been migrating or becoming extinct due to changes in their natural habitat. Finally, global warmingexplains why human lives have been lost and properties devastated. In spite of these, some might still argue that global warming is a continuing process so it couldn’t be happening yet at this time. This is surely true. However, people are remind that the concept is not a new one and the procedure has already started many centuries back.

Another solution for the issue of global warming is recycling. It started years ago in powerful and well developed states and it’s a novelty for poor, undergoing tranzition states that are struggling to survive. But, slowly, people around the world are learning about the strong effects of recycling newspapers, plastic, glass, metal. It is a healthy action that makes the world a better place. By recycling, we not only help ourselves, but also crop yields, the forests, and water supplies which are seriously affected by climate change. We also to bear in mind the animals and the ecosystems-another sector badly damaged by climate change. We make the difference.

Feb 18, 2014

Oil Spills – Elements To Consider

For many throughout the country, and all over the world, the BP oil leak in the Gulf this past spring and summer appears to be a distant memory; however, for some who live along the coast and indeed, for marine wildlife whose habitat was severely damaged by the oil spill, the pain of the event still lingers on to this day. Undoubtedly, oil from the spill still exists in some areas, and oil spill cleanup is still an ongoing process.

Although rare events, massive oil spills and leaks such as the one seen in the Gulf of Mexico this year have the potential to cause tremendous damage in a variety of senses, from habitat destruction to economic destruction. Needless to say, when a serious spill does happen, it is imperative that it not only be efficiently contained, but the profoundly negative impact of the spill also need to be mitigated effectively via quality oil spill cleanup efforts. Although these efforts may take a number of years and even perhaps decades before most of the oil is cleaned up, it was essential that a proper clean up strategy be put in place to ensure that the process can be as cost-effective and efficient as possible.


When an oil spill does occur, effective strategies to contain and clean up the oil can be obtained, particularly if the oil spill containment and clean up solutions come from Stewart Technology Associates. This professional marine and offshore engineering consultancy firm has a lot of experience dealing with oil spills and has provided efficient, cost-effective, and above all else, high quality oil spill containment and clean up solutions that work. Without a doubt, Stewart Technology Associates isn’t only interested in providing high quality solutions for clients, but it’s also important to emphasise that this house is extremely interested in preserving the environment and minimizing any environment damage that occurs as a consequence of oil or gas production operations, and because that is the case, Stewart Technology Associates works extra hard to verify that its oil spill containment and cleanup solutions are nothing less than top-notch.

If you would like to learn more regarding the high quality oil spill cleanup or containment solutions offered by Stewart Technology Associates, then please continue to browse through the remainder of our website. Also be sure to contact Stewart Technology Associates directly by phone or email if you would like to move up with a specific marine and offshore engineering consultancy solution, such as riser analysis.

Protests and campaigns throughout the globe which is intended to save marine life forms have been occurring not only over that oil spill, but for longer than two decades. Today, industrial companies and ship owners are more informed of their responsibilities to deter and clean up after their mess to avoid a repetition of those incidents. Using oil spill solutions don’t only help prevent widespread marine life deterioration but it also helps the companies become more responsible in conducting their businesses.

Stewart Technology Associates have been devoted to excellence, for over 20 years. We have worked closely with marine organizations around the world during this time to help them overcome some of the more difficult and complex obstacles and challenges. Whether you require pipe lay analysis, mooring analysis, expert witness marine, jack up CE marking, analysis, or other services.

Feb 13, 2014

Advice About Global Warming

Global warming is the next big impact that will achieve a change in the weather patterns. Global Warming is the increase in average temperature that gradually warms the Earth’s atmosphere by definition. It is a phenomenon. This has been on the increase but in the latter century, the increase in the levels have been alarming.

The average temperature of the atmosphere has risen by 0.74-0.18 °C during the last century. It is found that the increase in global average temperature has been caused owing to an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations according to the study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This has led to an unprecedented warming of the Earth’s surface.

And Now For The Best Of Global Warming

The other phenomena is responsible for global warming include volcanoes and solar variations. Base on a few of the models by the IPCC, the prediction is that the global temperature is likely to increase by 1.1 to 6.4 °C between 1990 and 2100. This increase in temperature will cause climatic changes and extreme weather events like rising sea level, change of the quantity of precipitation, above average rainfall, melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, storms and hurricanes.

The increase in the temperature of the earth will cause the massive icebergs and glaciers in the Arctic region to melt that will finally lead to the increase in sea levels. On one hand, global warming will give rise to floods while on the other hand, it will cause extreme heat conditions; the rise in temperature being the main reason in these two cases.

It will also affect yield of crops as well as plants and animals leading to extinction of different species, on the worse side. Global warming will increase the spread of illness and there will be droughts and flooding, coral reef bleaching, forest fires etc. Global warming is no longer a myth but a fast approaching reality. These in the long run will bring the much feared ice age that will wipe out all living organism on Earth.

Feb 11, 2014

Straightforward Advice About Environmental Activist

In this day and age, it isn’t enough to serve on the sidelines and look at the environmental battles that occur on a daily basis play out in the public arena. The very real impact that environmental misconduct can have on earth is simply astounding. Look at the large number of extinct species, global warning,, deforestation, and the low quality of air in some major cities of the world, some right here in the United States of America. Despite what some on air conservative pundits would have the populous believe; these problems are very real and pose a serious threat to the human race’s continued existence on this planet. If major corrective actions aren’t taken within a short space of time, it’ll be too late and the world may have to start considering extreme options that have hitherto only been the focus of science fiction movies and novels. Thankfully, there are still a number of recent scientific and technical advancements that have served humanity way in the commercial arena. These also have the ability to clean up the environment. It is just a matter of getting enough world governments on board to support the cleanup effort. The technology is there; only the willingness to use it needs to be achieved before anything can be made about the significant problems facing the world today.

There have been many bodies and programs launched worldwide to address the environmental pollution worldwide. The worldwide programs on raising environmental issues by United Nations, creation of independent environmental protection agencies in various countries are among the initiatives taken worldwide. The carbon credits scheme launched is particularly important to the effect that the scheme has balanced world growth with the environment protection. The growth of the world has given rise to the environment problem the world is facing today, seeing this world environmental body created the carbon credits. The basic benefit of the carbon credits is that the increase of the world isn’t jeopardized at the same time the environment remains free from pollution. The scheme of carbon credits is now practiced around the world. The corporations earn the carbon credits for the environmental protection initiatives applied by them in their operations. The carbon credits thus earned exchanges for cash from the designated world authority. There are well-developed exchanges for carbon credits where they trade and exchange for cash. Similar such innovative schemes could be provoked such that it raises the environmental concern but at the same time benefit the people. So what is needed is to give lust to people, as it is in human nature to greed and do anything to fulfill that greed. Simple programs and other direct initiatives to save environment might be successful, to a certain extent, but the creative innovative schemes like the carbon credits will have significant effects on human psyche to understand the environmental problem better. If carbon credit scheme has forced the corporations to take environmental issues seriously than similar schemes will encourage other segments of society besides the corporations to adopt the issue seriously. Such schemes needs to encourage school children, old retirees, non-working women and other similar people to care and encourage environmental protection.

This is why so many concerned citizens, and even some small to mid-sized corporations are taking matters into their own hands and starting environmental public relations initiatives to move people to get out of the couch and to spring into action with the expectation of saving the world from sheer and utter destruction through avarice, laziness, and greed. In service of this somewhat lofty but certainly noble and absolutely achievable goal of cleaning up the earth so that future generations can live full and happy lives, many environmental activists have launched environmental public relations initiatives using conventional media outlets, such as print, radio, net, and television ads, as well as incorporating new methods as the extensive use of social media to get their message across.

Environmental Activist Continued

Some activists have even gone so far as to hire an environmental public relations firm to help them convince the population that actions are needed now, and that the time for waiting is over. These highly specialized environmental public relations firms have the know how and unique skill set required to get people to realized the mistake of their ways. When people have a set viewpoint on any issue, let alone one as divisive and controversial as ways to the help the environment, it can be incredibly difficult to change how people think about said issue. This is why many environmental public relations firms are using social media to bolster their cause. By enabling the environmental clean up movement to take shape slowly, and by using people’s connections online to pass along information, environmental public relations firms’ hope that people start to display a groundswell of support for the so called green movement and will hop on board. Hopefully, they’ll then tell coworkers, their friends, and family members, who’ll in turn spread it around. And if this happens enough, then change can occur. This is the ultimate objective of any environmental public relations initiative. If an environmental public relations initiative does nothing to assist the environment, then it has failed miserably and hasn’t lived up to its lofty and noble purpose.

Feb 9, 2014

Greenhouse Effect Options

We all know that energy from the sun is necessary for sustaining life on earth. The outer atmosphere deflects approximately 30 per cent of the sunlight that comes to the land and this light is then scattered back in space. Remaining sunlight reaches the earth’s surface and gets reflected upwards in the shape of slow moving energy known as infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases absorb the heat caused by the infrared radiation like CO2, methane, ozone, and water vapor, due to which it is difficult for the gases to escape the atmosphere.

According to experts, only one percent of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of greenhouse gases and these gases regulate the climate through heat trapping. This is known as the �greenhouse gas effect’. According to climate change experts, without the greenhouse gas effect, the average earth temperature will be colder by 30 degrees Celsius. This temperature will be too cold for the sustenance of our ecosystem. Therefore, the greenhouse effect is very much needed for the earth; however it needs to be in a controlled manner.

How Can This Be?

There is no question that the greenhouse effects is necessary for the ecosystem but it becomes a problem when the natural process gets distorted and accelerated by human activities and more greenhouse gases are set up in the atmosphere which increase the temperature of the earth more than required. When we burn oil, coal, natural gas and gasoline the level of CO2 increases in the atmosphere. The level of harmful gases like nitric oxide and methane also increases due to farming methods and evolution of the use of land. Dangerous and long lasting industrial gases are produced from factories. These gases do not occur naturally yet they help to global warming and accelerate the greenhouse gas effect.

Can you believe it?

Manufacturing of goods also leads to an increase in the rate of greenhouse gases. Burning of coal and natural gas to run the factories have led to the dangerous rise of co2 and methane. This has a radical effect on the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. Since the chimneys are tall, the fumes get mixed to the air directly and are responsible for trapping more heat and increasing it.

Investigating More About Greenhouse Effect

The more greenhouse gases will be emitted in the environment, the more infrared radiation will be trapped and held. This in turn will enhance the temperature of earth in a gradual manner, posing threat to the very existence of mankind. Some scientists accept global warming as a serious problem while some don’t. But one certainly cannot deny the fact that climate change is here and it will cause more damage in the next years.

Feb 3, 2014

Marine Garbage Patches – What?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is what scientists believe is the greatest rubbish dump in the world and it’s sitting in the Pacific Ocean. It is roughly twice the size of Texas and is composed of about 3.5 million tons of rubbish. The patch contains various types of garbage including shoes, bags, wrappers, and bottles however the bulk of it is made up of plastics which doesn’t biodegrade. Instead plastic slowly breaks up into smaller and smaller fragments. Greenpeace estimated that 10% of plastic manufactured every year ends up in the Pacific Garbage Patch which is an excessive amount of pollution.

The Pacific Gyre has now received the unofficial name of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Some estimates have the number of floating debris-most of which is plastic-as 100 million tons.

I digress, lets move on.

Most of the pollution comes from countries ranging from North America to East Asia and to Australia. An estimated 80% of pollution comes from land based sources while 20% comes from ships.

And It Gets Even Better…

Garbage can make its way from land to the ocean quite easily through our drains. Luxurious lifestyles and increased laziness litter is being flushed into our gutters which is ending in place in the ocean and our beautiful environment with increased numbers of plastics. Once in the ocean, some sinks to the ocean floor or is ingested by sea creatures while the rest is drawn to what is called the Northern Pacific Gyre. The Northern Pacific Gyre is a system of currents which drags garbage into the heart of a huge vortex which is then trapped by peripheral circulating currents. The enclosed enormous mass of garbage is known as the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Many people misinterpret the mass of garbage. They expect to sail out to the Gyre and find a rubbish island. In fact the ocean’s full of tiny colored parts of plastic. The plastic is simply more concentrated in the Gyre and is accompanied by bottles, helmets and nets floating on the surface. This huge environmental disaster is unknown to so many, as it is out in the midst of the ocean which is yet to affect our everyday lives. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of the East Gyre and West Gyre which is located roughly between 135° to 155°W and 35° to 42°N. It ranges from the coast of California all the way to Japan and in some areas the debris is 90 feet deep.

It was discovered by Charles J. Moore who came across this massive stretch of floating Debris while returning home through the North Pacific Gyre after the Transpac Sailing Race in 1997. A similar patch of floating plastic debris is found in the Atlantic Ocean. Something similar to the garbage patch was predicted in a document published in 1988 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States, through Alaska-based research which measured the increase of tiny plastic particles in the ocean water. This is evidence that as time goes by the picture is getting dramatically worse.

Plastic is such a terrible product because it doesn’t biodegrade. Instead, it breaks up into smaller pieces which always remain. The small parts of plastic are called mermaid tears or nurdles. Nurdles are dangerous because they have the unpleasant quality of soaking up toxic chemicals. Even if chemicals are widely diffused in the water, over time they’re soaked up and concentrated within these tiny pieces of plastic. In some parts of the ocean there is already six times more plastic then plankton which is a primary food source many fish rely on to survive and these statistics aren’t even taken from the middle of the garbage patch.

Plastics are very damaging to the marine environment. Fish, mammals and birds think that the plastic is food so they eat it. The plastics can poison them or lead to deadly blockages. Plastics have enormous effects on albatross that tend to breed at Midway Island which comes in contact with the side of the garbage patch. Each year 500, 000 albatrosses are born of which 200, 000 die from being fed plastics from their mothers who confuse it for food. In total, more than a million birds and mammals die each year from consuming or being caught in plastics, garbage or debris. They are dieing of starvation and dehydration with bellies full of plastic. Research has shown that this garbage and debris affects 267 different species worldwide including sea lions, sea birds, turtles, fish, whales, and seals. As fish are consuming toxins at such a rapid rate they may soon not even be safe enough to eat.

There are likewise a great number of effects on mankind. Nineteen Hawaiian Islands including Midway island receive masses of garbage shot out from the gyre some of which is decades old. Some beaches are covered by up to ten feet of plastic while others are covered by tiny plastic sand like particles which would be near impossible to clean up. Soon we may be unable to eat seafood as it may become toxic or we may start eating our own plastic wastage. There will be damage to boats and submarine equipment and if the situation gets worse swimming in the ocean may even be discouraged.

Plastics and Other Debris – The infamous North Pacific Gyre, where dozens of plastic float in a vast mass, has been nicknamed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In addition to the risk of marine animals such as sea turtles and seabirds swallowing or becoming entangled in the debris, toxic chemicals leach into the ocean from the disintegrating plastic.

As the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is in such a bad state researchers say it is not likely it will be in a position to be cleaned up because it would be a multi-billion dollar process so prevention and awareness are the current keys to success. Richard Pain, an Australian film maker plans to cross the region on a vessel made from plastic bottles, in attempt to publicize the problem. Research is to seek ways of possibly turning the garbage into fuel and Volunteers from Project Kaisei, a conservation project based in San Francisco and Hong Kong plan to send two ships into the area concerned to bring back some waste.

Charles Moore has been researching the garbage patch ever since he discovered it. In 2008 he took some young researcher out with him to show them the damage.

The world can be considered of as a closed system in the way that all plastic created remains on the planet except for a small number which has been incinerated and released toxic chemicals. Less than 5% of all plastic is recycled globally so recycling more is a good start. Attempts to minimize plastic usage and BYOB policy or ‘bring your own bag’ to shopping centers will cut down plastic bag usage. If we want our world to remain beautiful for future generations we need to agree to the responsibility at a local level by thinking globally and acting locally.