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Aug 24, 2012

Department of Environment Has Launched a Cleaning Campaign


The Municipality of Leganes, through the Department of Environment has started this morning in the Fountain Square one of Honda ‘thorough cleaning campaigns’ in order to improve the appearance of this district after completion of the holidays in honor of Our Lady of Butarque 2012, according to a statement.

Part of this initiative and adaptation of urban spaces took place last week at the fairgrounds where several teams cleaned dirty water and removed grease stains and dirt that appeared on the pavement after the occupation of the fair site by mobile booths and bars of the fair between 10th and 19th of August.

So, this morning has begun proceedings in the Honda Fountain Square, Plaza of Spain, a section of the street Ordonez and Antonio Machado and Jeromin streets. On successive days in the streets act Captain Wall Durán, Noon, Plaza del Salvador, among others. This action will end next Sunday and will run daily between 8:00 and 14:00.


Aug 23, 2012

Usutu Virus Caused Death Again



Waldsee – Originating from Africa Usutu – virus in southwestern Germany has again triggered a mass extinction of black birds and now spread to humans. Near Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate, everyday up to ten dead blackbirds were discovered.Norbert Becker of the Municipal Association even said the fight against mosquito plague in the Upper Rhine (KABS) in Forest Lake, the news agency DAPD reported. The virus itself killed chicks in their nest.
The Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine has now demonstrated a human infection. According to the Head of virological diagnostics, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, they ran  blood tests of 4,200 blood donors from the Rhine-Neckar region and someone was positive. One patient from the Hessian Gross-Gerau Usutu had antibodies against the blood was so ill a few months before that.
“Probably give it even more cases, the disease will often not be recognized,” said Schmidt Chanasit of DAPD. For mild fever and rash GPs it would hardly be symptoms of the Usutu virus and is more of a diagnose of summer flu. Severe cases such as in Italy, where the virus had caused in immunocompromised patients with a brain infection. However, there was no report yet that it affects Germany.
The pathogen is transmitted by mosquitoes in the house hold and it may just appear like a summer flu. “It is surprising that Usutu this year was as bad as the one raging in 2011, when it was first rampant in Germany,” Becker said. The KABS experts had been hoping that the birds develop resistance and thus the advance of the virus will stop. Instead, the problem has only shifted spatially. Dead birds are currently being reported in particular along the wine route of Landau and Neustadt to Bad Durkheim to Ludwigshafen and Walldorf. The death of the birds make many people very sad that some even called to KABS crying on the phone because she mourned the blackbirds in their yard.
Aug 22, 2012

Altmaier Wants to Better Coordinate Energy Policy

Berlin – German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier wants to achieve this year, a consensus among the 16 states on the coordination of energy policy. “In particular, the construction of new wind power plants exceeded the MRP of the covenant,” a ministry spokesperson said on Monday in Berlin. It needs to limit  0.1 to 0.2 percent of the fed wind power because of the expansion of electricity networks which do not consider the development step.
Environment Minister Altmaier already announced that “individual countries must take certain development targets distance,” said the spokesman. We could not say yet anything but would the government’s plan for the expansion of offshore wind energy definitely happen.
Aug 21, 2012

Farmer Sells Party Guests with Manure from Farm

Hoort – An applied farmer who has about 30 young party guests sold a decent charge manure from his farm. The music fans on Saturday night celebrated an unannounced affair called Goa – Party on the field at Hoort (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), said a police spokesman on Monday.

Landowners unsuccessfully tried to persuade the youth and young adults to leave. Then his son had taken the tractor with the trailer and manure cars, tents and personal items splattered. Some guests reportedly then placed the complaint of criminal damage. The prosecution must now decide as to what action needs to be done.

Aug 20, 2012

Over 7,000 People Suffer Cuts in Water Supply


More than 7,000 people have been cut in the water supply or low fluid pressure as a result of a fault in the motor of the Atalaya well, one of two that supply Baza (Granada), and whose arrangement is planned for on Wednesday afternoon after the removal of damaged machinery.

The local council is confident that at the time they run out of supply deficiencies, which are affecting especially the neighborhood of the Caves, as it depends on the deposits of the Watchtower for its supply.

From the Consistory claim that this is a situation “grave” for the large number of people affected, but fortunately “has reached more than”, thanks to the collaboration of irrigators, Mayor Caz, payments, and Zoaime Guines, who have ceded part of their irrigation water to supply a large part of the population.

For the acting mayor, Miguel Angel Coca, this situation could have been avoided if the channeling of water from the Portillo was put into use. So, he has warned that “the supply of drinking water for 22,000 people can not rely solely on wells, whose contribution depends on the level of aquifers and rain.”

As highlighted by Coca, “the work of the pipeline is almost complete, the pipe is connected to our deposits and remains only a small stretch run”, so is confident that in September the Prefectures in Granada resume study the issue and a solution that guarantees the supply to Baza.



Aug 10, 2012

The Aral Sea in Uzbekistan is Almost Dried Up


The Aral Sea that has an area of 68,000 square kilometers 15 years ago, has only 10 percent left today. The tributaries of the lake have dried up in recent years. The main tributaries are Syrdaria Amudari and since the Stalin era (1929-1953), large amounts of water for irrigation of cotton fields in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were taken.

Due to the reduced inflow to the Aral Sea, the water level continues to decline.

As the Aral Sea was still there, it had a flourishing Uzbekistan fishing port with lots of jobs and a fish-processing industry. There are still a few fishermen, but the fish caught are not for consumption.

Aug 9, 2012

Measures Against Flood Protection is Not Enough


BERLIN, Germany – Ten years after the great flood, the  the flood protection measures by the Society for Nature Conservation is still insufficient. President Olaf Tschimpke criticized the agency on Monday that they have the old “purely technical measures” and called for more space for the rivers.

Tschimpke sees the main cause of flooding in the narrowing of the rivers, which are natural areas of development. In the summer of 2002, the flood of the century devastated large parts of Dresden and many villages in the upper and middle area of Elbe were flooded with water.