Jan 21, 2012

2011: The Year With Most Costly Natural Disasters

Experts say that natural disasters in 2011 were the most expensive in history, the expenditure amounting to over a quarter trillion dollars worldwide.

Over half of this tremendous loss was recorded after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, in March last year.

Although the number of natural disasters was within the average and the number of deaths was below average for damage to property caused by such disasters amounted to 380 billion dollars, compared with 75 billion dollars, annual average seen so far.

From an economic perspective, 210 billion dollars were casualties from the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Disasters have been here and most human victims, reported 15 840 deaths.

Fortunately, scientists say that some of the events we saw in 2011 are held once every 1,000 years.

Although the number of geological disasters such as earthquakes, there seems to be increasing in recent years, the same can be said about the weather catastrophes, which occur increasingly more often.

However, the link between climate change and natural disasters loss products is questionable. It seems that the damage was so great because of overcrowding and construction that have been raised in areas where, typically, there are storms.

Among the most costly natural disasters falls and landslides and floods in Thailand (40 billion dollars), the earthquake in New Zealand (16 billion dollars), severe storms and tornadoes of April 22 to 28 U.S. (15 billion dollars) and Hurricane Irene in the United States (15 billion dollars).

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