Sep 2, 2013

Go Green!

Did you know what people do in order to go green? What should you do to go green? Perhaps just wearing green clothes and having pictures taken by a friend is not the appropriate answer. Ecology has been an interesting feature for children and also for teenagers. But, there is a misconception here. People who go green or take certain steps in order to maintain the glory of the earth are somehow called ‘tree-huggers’ which would prove offensive for them.

However, coming back to our story here, let us ponder over some of the things we can do in order to go green.

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Just imagine this picturesque feature in your mind. Instead of showing up in expensive Paris Originals and heavy gowns, you can always show up in a dress made up of organic fibres. Also, you may suggest this idea to the head of your school so that the entire class can take part in a Green Prom.

All of your classmates can show up in a big rented bus instead of separately showing up in limousines or expensive convertibles in order to conserve energy. Car-pooling is always a good idea if you are going collectively to a party or the movies.


Planting trees is the best way to exhibit that you are a modern day ‘tree-hugger’. Nowadays, industries have been cutting down forests and trees and promoting constructions of malls and parking lots. It is necessary for us to plant trees in order to retain the freshness of our grounds.

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