Aug 19, 2013

A New Hope for Pandas

Pandas are considered to be similar to bears, though, there are quite a lot of differences that one may plot in their behaviour. Pandas are strictly black and white with a little snout and wide eyes. Pandas are also strictly herbivores in contrast to bears who are carnivores.

Pandas have been reported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to be an endangered species as their quantity is decreasing quite fast. Though, pandas are still present in a few places of the world, there have been certain practices into letting them free from the zoos and to indulge them in a natural habitat.

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Pandas are kept in utmost care as their species can evaporate and become extinct anytime. Unlike the white tiger which has been reportedly found in some parts of Southern Asia, pandas can be found only in China. The first exhibition of panda bears was also held in a Chinese zoo and since then, exhibitions have been profoundly witnessed in Berlin and other parts of Europe.

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Pandas can be found in tropical climates where they can be seen basking under the Sun and chewing down some herbs. Being the sweetest and the cuddliest of all bears, pandas suffer from blindness during the initial days of its birth. After about a few weeks, ranging from about three weeks to a month, pandas may get their eyesight and hence be able to visualize the nature.

Recently, Vienna has reported the birth of a baby panda which gives hope for the survival of the species. Certain methods should be taken for their breeding so that these creatures could live till the end of the world like most of the species of the world.

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